Expanding Horizons

Now that you have a sense of what’s sacred to you, what happens in your relationships when you meet up with someone whose sacred doesn’t match up with yours?  Is it meltdown, or flee or freeze or some other form of hiding?

What if we enlarge our horizons?  Expand possibilities without giving up the sacred?

One enlargement we can make is to include things we don’t really want to in our perspective.  That can range from acknowledging all the non-love and light we usually avoid because we don’t like suffering to growing beyond our stubborn pessimism that doesn’t allow for solutions.  Sometimes, it means setting boundaries with people we were once willing to be vulnerable with, or who we managed by hiding important parts of ourselves.  And sometimes, it means being willing to finish up where we are so we can move into a bigger picture. 

Another enlargement is a nuanced strategy.  Shift from the focus on our relationship as individual to individual, to our relationship as individuals within a community.  Not everyone in a community is close, or even close to agreement.  We can acknowledge our connection within community without having to pretend to an individual connection. 

Where are you ready to expand your horizons?

Beginning the year by finding the sacred

This year, 2022, is going to be all about community, relationships, and our emotional response to circumstances.  I’ll talk more about that throughout the year.

As with all stories, our full understanding of the year is going to unfold in chapters or episodes, all with a different focus.  We can think of each month in the year as a new chapter.

Look back over your January so far to get a sense of what pulls you forward.  How much of your life is a bunch of obligations that you’d ditch if you could, and how much is the stuff that you really value in life?  How are you feeling about the ratio of garbage demands to heart inspiration?  If you feel like screaming about now, I feel your pain.  Breathe deeply into your abdomen with long, slow exhalations while you feel whatever emotions come up.   If you’re on the feeling good side of things, woohoo!, and take note so that you can keep your spirit/life match throughout the year.

There may not be much to be done – yet – about getting your life closer to the track you’d like to be on.  This month is more for taking stock – the awareness part of the year.  There are small actions you can take.  Think 5-minute – or less – slices of your days.  What can you do today that feeds what you consider sacred?  That small slice may be about getting in touch with what you consider sacred, rather than doing something about it.  That’s okay.  We’re just being where we are and going from there.

At the moment, we’re gaining a new understanding that we’ll eventually take into our relationships and into our community.  We don’t have to know how we’ll do it, or even believe that we can do it.  We just want to stay open to the idea of a higher purpose to our life, one that makes us feel inspired or fulfilled. 

I love the VII Chariot of the Universal Celtic Tarot.  It’s a great illustration of the chaotic moments of managing conflicting demands in our lives.  It can seem impossible to take the reins against steeds as powerful as these, but the message of the year is that “It can be done and it can be taken in very small increments, if need be”.   Hold the willingness to let that possibility unfold throughout the year and explore your interior landscape when you can. 

2021 as a Five/V The Heirophant Year

Numerologically, 2021 is a 5 year, which means lots of change.  Last year, we had a 4 year with a lot of limitation.  We should see some loosening of the limitations, but not all at once and not in anything like a linear way.  5 is a transition year, so it is a bridge.  Usually it’s not a very stable bridge.  It’s more like hopscotching from one partial span to another and then changing direction because the other shore isn’t where you thought it was going to be.

When 5 is being used well, the energy is of constructive freedom.  We can change what we want, explore where our curiosity takes us and then bring useful information back to what we’re transitioning.  When 5 is being over or under-used, we’re likely to scatter our energies and waste what hindsight shows to be opportunities.

Remember that yearly energies don’t clang into place at the changing of the calendar.  We’ll see the instability and, hopefully, freedom of the year crest and recede, as the energy shifts from 2021 to the responsible, stable, community-minded 6 energy of 2022. 

Waite Smith Tarot

In Tarot, we have V The Heirophant (Greek, “interpreter of the sacred”) corresponding to the energies of 2021.  It points to the central importance of our communal traditions and beliefs.  Education and the sacred figure in this year.  In the positive, V The Heirophant guards what societies or tribes – or countries or cultures or families or religions – value.  It sets up institutions to put those values into action and to educate members of the society in its values.  I love the connection to old traditions in the Enchanted Forest Old One.  There are rings within rings of these traditions for all of us, from our personal lives out through family traditions to our local culture, our country and, perhaps, our global connections.  Used as a positive, it gives us landmarks and guideposts in our lives.  Used as a negative, it leads to theocratic intolerance and bigotry.

V The Heirophant can be a huge help in the transition of 5 times.  When we’re betwixt and between, it’s helpful to have markers to keep us from falling completely off the beam.  Institutions that keep us tethered to our values can be that beam. 

It can also exacerbate one of the negative tendencies when people don’t recognize the landscape: clinging to beliefs out of fear, which can lead to refusal to make changes or to allow others their own beliefs.  It’s a very big deal to have beliefs questioned at any point in time – rather like pulling the carpet out from under one’s entire life – but especially so in uncertain times, which is definitely the case in our 5 year.

Tarot de Marseilles

Looking deeper into the numbers, the 5 is built from 2 2s, a 0, and a 1.  We’ll need to proceed through those numbers in reverse order: 1, then 2, then 0, then 2 again, at a deeper level of understanding.

1 speaks to the individual, as always, for better and worse.  With a healthy sense of ourselves, we set boundaries, know our strengths – and weaknesses – and can lead from those strengths when called on.  If we’re refusing to use our one-ness, we are passive/aggressive babies who are most effective at creating change through temper tantrums (cringing as I imagine it!).  If we get so into being number one that we can’t see others, we’re selfish despots steamrolling over everyone else as we bully them into submission. 

The healthy 2 is sensitive to others and seeks to bond, based on emotional connections.  The unhealthy 2 is either co-dependent and hyper-sensitive or on lockdown, refusing to open up to others.

0 is the “God” number.  0 indicates Divine intervention – opportunities and challenges over which we have little control.  We can either be responsive or reactive.  Big events like pandemics or global recessions, even if there are traceable human causes, are considered to be “0” events. 

So, as we meet events this year, we’ll need to make sure that we’re owning up to our own part and to our own responsibilities first.  Then, we need to make the important first step toward cooperation: connecting to others as individuals.  When the unexpected shows up, as it will with the 0, we need to move most strongly toward cooperative energies.  The ultimate responsibility is to connection, to intuition, to respect of other individuals, without sacrificing our own individuality.

Since we’re still early in the 2000s, we’re very young learners as a species when it comes to cooperation and sensitivity.  It will take time for all of us to get over the individualism as ultimate lesson that was part of our evolution through the last millennium.  This decade is actually a big boost in our education since the 2 repeats throughout the 2020s.  None of us will see the next opportunity, which comes in the 2200s, for an entire 100 years.

We can all up our one-on-one relationship skills through this year.  Our biggest strength through the changes this year will be in our connections to others, both as members of an institution, faith or tradition, and as individuals connecting with other individuals. 

Pre-ride warm-up

For many of us, yay!, spring is thinking about springing!  For some of us, it’s the fall into more temperate weather but less daylight.  Either way, the weather is moderate enough to make outdoor activities more comfortable. 

One of my favourite ways to be outdoors – other than walking on bare feet – is on my bicycle.  This month’s temporarily-free video is a warm-up for riding.  Next month I’ll post a video of after-ride stretches.

We tend to jump right into activities without any preparation or processing time.  A gentle pre-ride stretch gets us ready for the main activity, making us more comfortable as we ride, and less prone to injury.  Until next month, notice what parts of your body want a stretch after your ride and find ways to gently loosen and stretch them.  That restores areas of the body that have been worked.

And you might want to take note of what other activities in your life – physical or otherwise – could use a warm-up prep and a cool-down processing.  Happy riding!

Clearing Our Heads

I swear my cats choose exactly the part of the floor/carpet/house that needs cleaning most to have their pukitosis episodes.  Same applies to my subconscious when my rational mind goes completely unfocused and I shake the open container of almond milk in the messiest corner of the kitchen.

That’s my view on the optimistic days.  When the glass is not only half empty but full of something I didn’t want anyway, the cats find the carpet I just cleaned and I spill sticky stuff all over the new shirt.

On the optimistic days, if I’ve got a clear head, I can move on to lesson learned and make time to clean for improvement.  On pessimistic days, there’s the extra step of temper fit, a whole lot of bad language while cleaning and, eventually, lesson learned, when my head clears.

With a stiff neck and hunched shoulders, it’s hard to get a deep breath to feed the brain or enjoy the benefits of adequate circulation and nervous system communication.  The head is under siege.  Last month’s temporarily free video gave you a chance to loosen up your shoulders and re-align.  This month’s video – free through February – takes it to the next level.  Enjoy it in entirety or in bits and pieces.  If you miss the free version, it will still be available for sale.

And may all your messes be on the floor that’s easy to clean.

Shouldering burdens

Many of us are carrying extra burdens into the new year, burdens we may never have imagined having to take up.

Since our thoughts, emotions and bodies are interwoven intimately, we’re likely to be feeling those burdens in various places throughout our bodies.  If we can approach the physical level to lighten the burden, we can have an impact on the more subtle levels of the mind and psyche, as well.

One of the common places to feel the stress of extra responsibilities, cares, and worries is in the shoulders.  Physically, that means connections to the neck and arms, as well.

The 20-minute video above addresses tension in the shoulders.  It’s designed for anyone who is not currently dealing with an injury.  You can pick and choose from anywhere in the video if a 20-minute self-care segment isn’t within your reach right now.  The video will be available free throughout January; then it goes back to regular $5 availability on the website.

Relaxation to integrate

We’re not all that good at stopping to integrate life experiences.

Even when it’s not holiday season, we tend toward the future. What’s next?

Our relaxation strategies are usually escapism. Involvement in fantasy. Or someone else’s life. Or sensual indulgence.

Or hamster wheel-ism. Endlessly caught in thought loops, as if enough time there will lead us to . . . what? Comfort? Understanding? A way to be what we were before?

The more we deal with changes, the more we need time to integrate. And you’d be hard pressed to convince anyone that this year hasn’t been one for change.

A simple 15 minutes of intentional relaxation can help the nervous system move toward restoration and healing. Allowing ourselves to just be can foster integration at unconscious levels. Letting go of doing becomes a delicious indulgence.

The conscious relaxation video (savasana in yoga) is available for viewing through December at no charge. After that, it’s available on the website.

Enjoy your holiday season!

Staying Present

It’s amazing how much of life we miss because we’re busy time travelling.

We freak out over ‘what ifs’ in the future.

We berate ourselves to the point of abuse over the unchangeable past.

Staying present.  Being here now.  Ram Dassing it.

To a lot of us, it’s a foreign reality.  The good news is that it’s attainable, and it can become habit with practice.

When we’re time travelling, we’re not connected to our body.  Most of the time, our body is safe.  Reconnecting with it ‘grounds’ us into a safe space that minimizes the ill effects of anxiety, self-recrimination, blame, worry . . . the hamster wheel of circular thoughts and their emotional impact crater.  We’re brought out of the fight, flight, freeze part of our system into the relax and heal part.

A ten minute body scan meditation can help you in your journey to habitual presence.  Through November, you can use this one.  After that, it’s available for purchase on the Yoga Video page.

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