“Melanie is a very gifted, intuitive counselor. I have worked with her quite a few times over the past 5 or 6 years and have found her skills, her empathy, and her knowledge to be a wonderful guidance for me during several rough spots in my life. I would highly recommend her if you have need of such guidance.”
— Janice L., Hypnotherapist

 “One session with [Melanie] is like years of therapy.”  — Bill S., CEO

“The guidance Melanie offers through her readings with The Tarot has made such a positive difference in the spiritual growth of so many of our customers. Her years of experience, combined with her gentle approach and natural wisdom, provide the perfect blend of insight and direction that keeps her appointment schedule full, and her clients coming back again and again.” — Laura R., Owner,
On the Wings of Dreams, Shepherdstown, WV

“You helped me to . . .

  • stay focused (!)
  • know better timing and what direction to take, best timing of projects
  • know what personal growth lessons (issues) are at hand which allows me to understand what is going on, and with this understanding, to handle them in a more empowered way
  • know insights that make for better choices in business and personal relationships
  • go through a transition in my business with little stress — what would otherwise be a daunting experience!
  • evolve my own ideas thanks to your very attentive listening skills.

I would have been SO stressed I couldn’t function, if it hadn’t been for your work during this time.”
—Susan S., Holographic Repatterning Practitioner

 “Melanie teaches with such an ease in her classes that you walk away with a new confidence in what your body can do. You literally enjoy every second of yoga class!”  — Diane E., teacher

Melanie is one of the most compassionate yoga teachers I’ve met. She also is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and the classical concepts of yoga. Her skills have been honed over the many decades she has studied and taught yoga. It is no wonder she aptly imparts that level of experience in her classes.”  — Judy J., yoga teacher

“I have practiced yoga for many years. Melanie is the first teacher to really help me focus on “mindfulness” and paying closer attention to my body. This has been very helpful in many ways, even outside of yoga. She also is very aware of individual needs. I am very blessed to have Melanie as a yoga instructor. ” — Dawn R., pastor

“It’s hard to know where to start with a recommendation this enthusiastic. Should I emphasize Melanie’s peaceful presence, her powerful intuition, her spiritual depth and her sharp intellect? Or should I emphasize the warmth and compassion that shine through all these qualities?
To summarize: a recommendation in the highest degree.”  — Hart M., homeopathic practitioner

“I have taken yoga classes on and off over the last thirty-five years.  Having had so many different instructors trained in different schools of yoga, I feel I have some qualification in recommending Melanie as one of the very best yoga teachers I have ever come across.

Melanie is one of those rare hands-on instructors. She works with each individual in her class gently correcting stance, head position, arm position, and other asana nuances. She never forces a person into a position their muscles or bone structure will not allow.  

I have attended classes with Melanie for about five years. It is my sincere opinion that it would be difficult to find a yoga instructor more qualified.” — Susan D, author

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