Revisit the Sacred

Revisit the Sacred

After observing yourself for almost a year, what have you noticed that you consistently prioritize?  (Haven’t been observant?  That’s okay; look back over 2022 for a few minutes and draw conclusions from your memories.)

Those priorities are what’s sacred to you.

Is that a big Scooby Doo/Astro Ruh Roh because it doesn’t match up with what you believe about yourself?

Are there lots of opportunities to act on your sacred beliefs, or does it seem like all the forces of the Universe are aligned against you?

Are there leadership or individual opportunities you can make or take to be more of who you believe you are?

Can you accept the beauty of who you are as you appear in your behaviour?

How is Jack so wise in setting priorities at age 7?!
(I’m suspecting wise teachers)

This can be a sobering point where we realize we haven’t made the progress we wanted.  Or worse, we discover we’re not really who we thought we were.  You’ve done the reassessing; now you’re in a position to begin again, this time with conscious awareness.

It’s a powerful point that you don’t want to underestimate.  You can reach deeper levels and clear ground for more life with integrity.

ps You still don’t have my permission to beat yourself up for anything

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