Expanding Horizons

Now that you have a sense of what’s sacred to you, what happens in your relationships when you meet up with someone whose sacred doesn’t match up with yours?  Is it meltdown, or flee or freeze or some other form of hiding?

What if we enlarge our horizons?  Expand possibilities without giving up the sacred?

One enlargement we can make is to include things we don’t really want to in our perspective.  That can range from acknowledging all the non-love and light we usually avoid because we don’t like suffering to growing beyond our stubborn pessimism that doesn’t allow for solutions.  Sometimes, it means setting boundaries with people we were once willing to be vulnerable with, or who we managed by hiding important parts of ourselves.  And sometimes, it means being willing to finish up where we are so we can move into a bigger picture. 

Another enlargement is a nuanced strategy.  Shift from the focus on our relationship as individual to individual, to our relationship as individuals within a community.  Not everyone in a community is close, or even close to agreement.  We can acknowledge our connection within community without having to pretend to an individual connection. 

Where are you ready to expand your horizons?

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