Beginning the year by finding the sacred

This year, 2022, is going to be all about community, relationships, and our emotional response to circumstances.  I’ll talk more about that throughout the year.

As with all stories, our full understanding of the year is going to unfold in chapters or episodes, all with a different focus.  We can think of each month in the year as a new chapter.

Look back over your January so far to get a sense of what pulls you forward.  How much of your life is a bunch of obligations that you’d ditch if you could, and how much is the stuff that you really value in life?  How are you feeling about the ratio of garbage demands to heart inspiration?  If you feel like screaming about now, I feel your pain.  Breathe deeply into your abdomen with long, slow exhalations while you feel whatever emotions come up.   If you’re on the feeling good side of things, woohoo!, and take note so that you can keep your spirit/life match throughout the year.

There may not be much to be done – yet – about getting your life closer to the track you’d like to be on.  This month is more for taking stock – the awareness part of the year.  There are small actions you can take.  Think 5-minute – or less – slices of your days.  What can you do today that feeds what you consider sacred?  That small slice may be about getting in touch with what you consider sacred, rather than doing something about it.  That’s okay.  We’re just being where we are and going from there.

At the moment, we’re gaining a new understanding that we’ll eventually take into our relationships and into our community.  We don’t have to know how we’ll do it, or even believe that we can do it.  We just want to stay open to the idea of a higher purpose to our life, one that makes us feel inspired or fulfilled. 

I love the VII Chariot of the Universal Celtic Tarot.  It’s a great illustration of the chaotic moments of managing conflicting demands in our lives.  It can seem impossible to take the reins against steeds as powerful as these, but the message of the year is that “It can be done and it can be taken in very small increments, if need be”.   Hold the willingness to let that possibility unfold throughout the year and explore your interior landscape when you can. 

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