Numerology Birthday Spread

Numerology meets Tarot in this spread designed especially for use near your birthday.  We’ll look at the four major areas of your life (career & finances, family & home, love & relationships, and health) to help you focus your energies for the coming year.


Tarot via Email

Get the inside information you need via email.


Daily Booster

This is a short-term solution for those times when a session or two or three just won’t do it.  You’ll get an attitude-supporting question or quote in your inbox daily, Monday thru Friday.  If you need more than that, you get 15 minutes of one-on-one by phone (we can also make email arrangements) for $5.  Yes, $5 for 15 minutes, in addition to the weekly fee.

$5 per week + $5 for 15 minutes

Stress Relief Package

4 sessions with stones that will melt away the tension, and leave you refreshed and ready for whatever you decide is next in your life.   I suggest scheduling weekly or bi-weekly.  $320 separately


Monthly Tune-Up

Monthly sessions to keep your system in balance for an entire year.  $1,440 separately


Monthly Tarot

Check in each month for an entire year to keep yourself on track for special projects or just for life in general.  $1,440 separately



Thank you!

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