How This Works

So what happens when you decide you want an appointment? We’ll decide whether email, phone or in-person is your best option.

First, we’ll talk a little bit and decide which tools we’re pulling out of my kit.

For some . . . . .

. . . . . talking does the trick: it’s just a perspective shift you needed.

. . . . . the talking gets amped up with a tarot spread to add the heft of archetypal images or with numerology to add the support of universal order.

. . . . .  the pretty stones come out of the box to add the resonance of the earth: you’re re-aligning your energy system to the natural world for support.

. . . . . . we explore the ancient art of sound: it’s all about the “vibes” for you.

. . . . . .  it’s just a matter of my moving my hands near your body while your energy system goes something like “oh, that’s what feels good” and relaxes into optimal operation.

. . . . . .  we’ll find the realities and metaphors in your body through yoga, movement and experiential anatomy.

. . . . . .  we’ll design a memorable personal ritual with elements to set your intention solidly in your system and keep support going as you get active in the world about who you intend to be.

Intentional Sets How This Works
The set up for a Mardi Gras Intentional Set

In short, we’ll find the most effective doorway for you to make the lasting changes you’re looking to make.

1506 Sondra after 1506 Sondra before

These images are of Sondra and her aura before and after vibrational treatment.  I’m very grateful to Tranquil Souls for their aura photography and to Sondra for permission to use her images.



Then there’s the “can I afford this?” issue. Short answer: yes.

My charge per hour session is $120.  If that number just sent you into a tailspin, email me with what you can afford.  I want you to get the help you need.

Also see the Specials page for package deals (yes, you and a friend — or friends — can share a package).

For those who want to make a donation to sponsor a session for someone, whatever you send will be put to good use with great gratitude.

Yes, you can use PayPal; make donations to

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