Working with Energy Systems

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How can I be more of who I want to be?
  • How can I overcome the difficulties in my relationships at home? At work?
  • How can I make more positive contributions in the world? In my career? My community?
  • How can I find time for the things that matter most to me?
  • How can I conquer health issues or financial limitations?

If you answered yes or nodded your head to any of the questions above, these are all areas where I can be of assistance. Let me help you be more of who you want to be. Let me guide you in seeking balance in the following aspects of your life:

intellectual emotional spiritual social
creative physical awareness & mobility

I encourage self-understanding, the development of awareness, and greater degrees of health, by facilitating the integration of life’s lessons, through various techniques and proprietary methods, proven to help. It is important to note you will be making all the decisions in your life. I will simply be pointing out options that you have not seen — giving you the inside information about the world around and inside you.

Think of what I can offer you in another light. Suppose you outgrow your wardrobe. It just doesn’t say who you are anymore. It doesn’t feel comfortable and you don’t feel good wearing it. Now do you find the money to buy something that fits you better, physically and psychically? Maybe you’ll be fortunate and find exactly what you’re looking for, an outfit or item that fits you to a “T”. However, you might be faced with the reality that there’s nothing there you like or nothing that complements your shape and expresses your inner self. Perhaps, if you’ve got the presence of mind for an attitude adjustment, you’ll remember that second-hand shop down the road that carries fashions from years past that do fit you, or you’ll remember that in a season or two the styles will change and something for you will come back around. Meanwhile, there’s the tailor down the street, who can play with what’s already in your closet to make it closer to who you are.

It’s the same way when designing a life. We outgrow our circumstances. We have circumstances thrust upon us that we didn’t want. How do we find the energy to make the changes we need? And where do we go when we don’ t have a vision? Or when the possibilities in front of us don’t meet our needs?

That’s what I’m here for. I can direct you to what’ll fit you best.

You know how some folks will never be basketball players? They’re just not tall enough or quick enough, or they just don’t have enough stamina. Well, others will never be scientists. They just don’t have the desire, or that particular direction of smarts, or way of thinking. Sometimes we’ve internalized voices from the outside that confuse us about who we are and we’re scientists trying to be basketball players or vice-versa.

I can help straighten that out.

If you’re building a house, you find architects, engineers, contractors, and landscape artists who know what’s required to transform the blueprint vision into a stunning reality. You tell them what  you want and they’ll tell you if, and how, it can be done.

That’s what I do with your vision of your life.

I’ve been doing this work for over thirty years, and love being able to share my knowledge and perspective to help people change their lives.

Read two of my transpersonal experiences:

Case Study No. 1

Saralynn came to me because she wasn’t happy with her career. She wanted to work with, and help, more people. We had a few sessions over a couple of months. I told her what I saw; she asked questions, made choices and took actions based on her decisions about our discussions. Now she’s working at what she’s loved doing all along.

Case Study No. 2

Beth’s cat was being a problem child. She cried all the time, was unruly and unpleasant. Beth and her husband were getting fed up with their pet. After two sessions with Beth and her cat, Beth was able to make some simple changes so that the crying stopped and the behaviors calmed down. Now, it’s a much happier household for everybody.

Take a moment and think: have you hit a point in your life where you feel like you’re flailing about? Are you tired of it? Or maybe you see flailing in your future and want to avoid it? Maybe its time to try a new perspective, and listen to the wisdom of an experienced transpersonal guide. The choice in the end is ultimately yours.

CAUTION: If you want to settle for less, put up with suffering, or generally play victim to life, I’m not the transpersonal counselor for you.

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