About Me

 “In every period of history, people have found ways to help one another.” — Howard Zinn


This is the part I’m not in love with: talking all about me. I’m more interested in all about you. But I get that you want to get a feel for what kind of match we would be if you made the decision to work together toward your goals.

Well . . . I’ve been doing some form of this work since 1981. If we count all that interest and study and experimentation since somewhere in the late 60s and early 70s (yes, still in the 1900s!), I’ve been in it even longer. 1981 was the official “hang out my shingle” date. Since then, I’ve had 2 4-year apprenticeship stints (early and late 80s), a bunch of continuing ed, and some graduate level work at Atlantic University. Not to mention all those years of experience.

Both my mentors worked on developing my natural interests and skills, so that I’d come out of my time with them with a strong process of my own. Since I was a dancer (& dance teacher) through much of my apprenticeship, they drew on my knowledge of movement and the body and built on it. Since I loved music, they helped me recognize and organize sound and the way it impacts the human energy system. Since I was immensely curious about tarot and numerology, they furthered my studies and understanding of those elegant traditions. Since I’d had a lot of exposure to various “hands in the energy field” work, they worked with me to refine an effective protocol. One knew a bunch about stones and we found I enjoyed integrating part of her immense body of knowledge into my process.

And I’m still doing continuing ed. Down there, at the bottom, I’ll keep adding logos and medallions for those courses that have offered them.  Right now I’m working through Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds course.

Of course, I have a personal life that’s mostly, well, personal. I play a lot of Appalachian Old-Time music with friends and my handsome carpenter sweetie, as well as do a little performing and teaching. I also teach yoga at Harmony Healing Arts in Shepherdstown,  Berkeley County’s Adult and Community Education ProgramRenew Yoga in Charles Town, and Extreme Family Fitness in Martinsburg.  I’ve got a garden that I poke around in regularly and eat from pretty much year round. If we choose to work together, you’ll learn more about the personal me as we share back and forth.

A lot of folks ask how I manage to live on a “by donation” income. Most of the time, the same way you do: by making a budget and setting priorities. Sometimes it’s a great living, sometimes a little tight. I’ve found that the folks who can afford to pay me well, do so, which leaves those who really need the help but need their limited dollars for luxuries like, oh, food, shelter and medical care, free to get what they need. I’ve found that I can trust those of you that choose to work with me to recognize that my bills don’t magically disappear without your input. I’m privileged to work with people who understand the various forms that energy takes as it flows through the bigger picture that we call community.

“It is time to take risks of peace.” — Yitzhak Rabin



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