The yoga I teach is all about discovering that you are more than you think you are, moving gently past your current self-definition.   When available, I use lots of props to make postures as accessible as possible to all ages and body types.  Yoga class as adventure, with room for curiosity, and playful exploration.

Melanie teaches with such an ease in her classes that you walk away with a new confidence in what your body can do. You literally enjoy every second of yoga class!”  — Diane E., teacher

Alignment and awareness are essential to safe and healthy yoga.  I want you to have skills to take out of the studio, to make the rest of your life as easy as possible.   We can explore inversions and pretzel world without sacrificing holistic integrity, without moving away from your unique, individual yoga journey.

“I have practiced yoga for many years. Melanie is the first teacher to really help me focus on “mindfulness” and paying closer attention to my body. This has been very helpful in many ways, even outside of yoga. She also is very aware of individual needs. I am very blessed to have Melanie as a yoga instructor. ” — Dawn R., pastor

I’ve been teaching yoga since 1990, studying seriously since the mid-80s and involved since the late-60s.  My yoga teaching is built on a career as a ballet dancer, and alongside my training and years as a ballet teacher.  I had a fair bit of training at the Himalayan Institute in New York City, but the bulk of my training has been with Iyengar teachers.  Theresa Rowland at Studio Yoga in New Jersey certified me; hers is the voice I still hear most often in my heart.

My teaching is informed by ongoing studies in anatomy and physiology (including the shifting views based on current fascial/connective tissue research), kinesiology, physics of movement, biomechanics, ideokinetics, and somatics, and the related disciplines of Alexander, Feldenkrais, Body Mapping, Experiential Anatomy, Laban movement analysis, resistance flexibility, breath and ball & roller work.  In addition, I have a deep and long body of work as a transpersonal counselor.  All of that is built into my yoga classes.

Melanie is one of the most compassionate yoga teachers I’ve met. She also is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and the classical concepts of yoga. Her skills have been honed over the many decades she has studied and taught yoga. It is no wonder she aptly imparts that level of experience in her classes.”  — Judy J., yoga teacher

The sidebar lists my current public classes.  If none of those suit your schedule, inquire about private individual or group classes or about setting up a new public class.

“I have taken yoga classes on and off over the last thirty-five years.  Having had so many different instructors trained in different schools of yoga, I feel I have some qualification in recommending Melanie as one of the very best yoga teachers I have ever come across.

Melanie is one of those rare hands-on instructors. She works with each individual in her class gently correcting stance, head position, arm position, and other asana nuances. She never forces a person into a position their muscles or bone structure will not allow.  

I have attended classes with Melanie for about five years. It is my sincere opinion that it would be difficult to find a yoga instructor more qualified.” — Susan D, author

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