Who Do You Love?

How much do you love your little slice of nature: your body?

Tell the truth.  If your sweetheart treated you the way you treat your body, would you break up with him or her?

If you poured the stuff you pour into – or onto — your body into your water, would you let your loved ones drink it?

Do you remember your body’s favourite places and foods or do you cater only to your taste buds and temper tantrums?

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Your relationships go better when you’re listening to each other and acting on what you’ve heard, don’t they?  So how do you listen to your body?  It’s giving out signals all the time; are you tuned in?

How are your children when you let them indulge in all the processed sugar they can get their hands on?  It isn’t fun to find discipline, but it’s productive, isn’t it?

Conversely, how are your romantic or family relationships when it’s all about discipline and janitor service?  What happens when you pull all the fun out?

How did Valentine’s Day go with that really awful suitor who stopped at the 7-11 for half-dead flowers and pulled a half-eaten Snicker’s bar out of his pocket like it was solid gold?  (True story!! Not mine, fortunately.)

How can you be more of you, in a better relationship with yourself?

Take a look at the basics: sleep, food, water, movement, play, sex.  (What?  Play is a basic?  Yup.)  Where do you want to start treating yourself better?  (Remember the “listening to your body” questions?  Start there.)   How can you make that happen?

Who could you be if you’d be loving and kind to your body?

(Did you notice we just played “20 questions”?)

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