Weekly Card XXI The World

131226 Ceremonial Magick world
Tarot of Ceremonial Magick

We’re within days of being at the completion of 2013, the XXI The World point of the year.

131226 RWS World
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

XXI The World, as a part of the Major Arcana, doesn’t just bring us to the end of the year with the ticking clock.  It gives us a chance to look deeply at the year and our process.  And that process brings us to . . . .


At XXI The World, we’ve made another step in the direction of our highest potential.  We’re living more fully in alignment with cosmic consciousness, enjoying the freedom of working within universal laws.

Those kinds of steps broaden our abilities to be at ease under any circumstances.  We wind up being in the flow, able to catch opportunities as they come.  We can have a happy dance with more of the world around us, anytime, anywhere.

Look back through the cards you’ve related to this year and see how they’ve led you to feel more at home with yourself.  And then map your current location . . . .

. . . . the intersection of Heaven and Earth!

May all the fulfillment of finding Home be yours in the new year!

We’ve had a few more views of XXI The World since this post.   Take a look at how Tarot transcends boundaries here.  And here we looked at how we grow into Paradise.

Here we looked at how we can have an impact on others.



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