Weekly Card XXI The World Revisited

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Gaian Tarot


We’re beginning November in the Tarot World of Paradise!

We’ve been here before, more than once. It’s not a one and done deal in Tarot to reach XXI The World. We spiral in higher – or deeper – levels of growth, returning home to our most-fulfilled selves at the end of each spiral in our journey. We integrate new potentials, new lessons, new experiences, to become more truly our Selves.

What a beautiful place to come home to, especially in the Gaian deck. We have the Earth Mother herself welcoming us in with her smile. She includes the whole world in her gesture. Her age gives her wisdom, the golden, sun goddess halo labels her as sacred. She’s wearing spiritual purple. How do you identify with her? Is she you? Someone in your life? Someone you wish you could be?

A wreath of sage, lavender, cedar and sweetgrass surrounds Gaia, cleansing, healing, purifying, blessing and protecting our wholeness. Those are all parts of the process of growth (also indicated by the butterfly of transformation), aren’t they? Where specifically have you grown in this cycle? The wreath is in the shape of a vesica, the shape that’s made when two circles overlap. Within the vesica, all is well, all is blessed, all is cleansed and protected.  Where in your life is this true right now?

All aspects of our being and areas of our life are protected by the creatures in the corners. The eagle lets our thoughts soar through the air element, guiding us as we travel to the east, where the sun rises and growth begins. The snake, with its psychic wisdom, presides over our fiery spirit, taking us through the day, when the sun is high in the south. The salmon swims fluidly through watery emotions, connecting us to our feelings when experiences are complete and the day is done, with the sun setting in the west. The deer is our guide through the earthy practicalities of our mundane lives, helping us create paths through the solid north. What have you mastered? What is yours no matter where you go, no matter what you experience?

The prayer flags promise that each wind will spread the intention of peace throughout the world. A beautiful meditation for XXI The World is to allow the intention of peace to spread outward around you with each exhalation.

Allow circumstances to complete another cycle of your growth. Make space in your life for Paradise!


If you’re looking to learn more about Tarot, I’ll be teaching level 1, Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think, on Wednesday, 5th November, and level 2, Tarot 2 . . . We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, on Friday, 12th December, through the Berkeley County Adult Ed program.  Call 304-267-3585 for more information and to register.

And you know where to find me for phone, email, or in-person tarot counseling.

We had another look at XXI The World here to see how we can have an impact on others.

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