Weekly Card XVII The Star

140220 Wildwood Pole Star
Wildwood Tarot

We’ve seen the Sun and the Moon . . . . it’s about time we got around to the Star(s).

We’ve got lots of cultural imagery around stars:  we wish on them, we steer by them, we’d give them to others if we could (along with the sun and moon), we sing and marvel at their twinkle . . . .

And any and all of those images can factor into how you interpret XVII The Star.

The Wildwood Tarot Pole Star focuses our attention to guidance for our personal journey.  Whether or not we have a personal star in the universe, we do each have a unique purpose or guiding light in our lives.  XVII The Star reminds us of that mission.

140220 RWS Star
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

One of my favourite questions to ask when helping people find their destiny is “what would you do even if you were never rewarded, recognized or appreciated?”  That wonderful thing you do no matter what is a key to your most fulfilling life.  The Rider-Waite-Smith image displays that beautifully:  our blonde beauty pours endlessly from 2 jugs, never needing to be replenished.

It’s wonderful that we’re all literally made of star stuff (and so is much of our dust bunnies!).  Our pole star is actually internal, part of us.

XVII lets us know that we’re being rejuvenated, restored to our most authentic selves.  We can expect opportunities to revel in our natural gifts.

Shine brightly, beautiful star!



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