Weekly Card XIX The Sun Revisited

130704 Herbal XIX Sun
The Herbal Tarot

Since the XIX Sun is happy to shine on us again, let’s look at some of the qualities that the Herbal Tarot highlights.

 Notice those hands extending in all directions from the big yellow Sun?  The Sun is endlessly generous in all directions; it gives of itself without questioning who the beneficiary is.

You’re doing that all the time, too, whether you’re conscious of it or not.  All of us radiate some energy or other all the time; it’s just part of science and nature.   When XIX Sun shows up, chances are you’ve removed some of the layers of imposed programming and what you’re “shining on” is more authentically you than in the past.  After you give yourself a moment of joyous celebration, you can start asking some questions.  How do you act (what do you radiate) when you’re not being reactive?  No matter who is in front of your or what reception you’re getting?  Are there directions (areas) of your life that aren’t illuminated?

See that one of the radiating hands is holding an ankh, the symbol of timelessness and eternal life, of regeneration.   In the tarot deck, as in life, XIX Sun follows XVIII Moon.  Day is born from night.  Every morning offers new life, new blessings, a chance to see the world anew.  Rachel Pollack describes the journey from XVIII Moon to XIX Sun as “the light of the unconscious brought into daily life”.

The Herbal Tarot uses the concept of correspondence to connect specific herbs with each card in the tarot deck.  Angelica, the herb assigned to XIX Sun offers you connection to the spiritual via the angelic realm.  Anyone else imagining an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other?  We can listen to our angels while acknowledging our demons.  It’s part of being who we really, truly are.  If there’s any “stuck-ness” in your system, Angelica’s ability to release congestion or stiffness will help.  Angelica is strengthening and invigorating, feelings you might have felt when the days lengthen and we get more of the sun.

A formula I have written in my (veryvery old) notes on XIX Sun is “energy + meaning + purpose = joy at the beauty of life”.  Now that’s math I can get behind!  If only I’d made a note of the mathematician responsible for the formula.  As with many things in your life this week, XIX Sun will likely bring it to light.

En-Joy your own celebrations of the beauty of life in the (XIX) Sun!

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