Weekly Card XIX The Sun Revisited

140605 Dreaming Way XIX
Dreaming Way Tarot


Here’s XIX Sun back to shine the light on you!

By now, you’ve got the basics on XIX Sun down, er, warm.    So let’s look at our Dreaming Way image for depth cues.

Pretty simple:  crawling baby (elfishly cute, that one) with a lolli and a BIG cluster of sunflowers.  Of course smiling baby’s headed for the lolli.  Who wouldn’t?  But wait!  Where are those eyes focused?  Not on the lolli.  Not on the lolli?!  What could be better than a lolli?!

What could be better than a lolli?  (okay, we’ve all got a long list, but play along)  Since baby’s up here in the clouds, it could be almost anything.  So you’ve got free rein to make up possibilities.  And all those possibilities will lead you to aspects of your naked self.

And how about those sunflowers?  Beautiful, bright, cheerful . . . .  And, ever feel the stalk of a sunflower?  Pretty prickly down there.  And, again, baby’s smiling.  Not so much minding the prickly stuff.  Like, maybe, come to terms with the prickly stuff.  And what’s some of the prickly stuff you keep hidden under your bright and cheerful demeanor?  Any chance you can come to terms with it?  XIX Sun says “yes”.

This week gives you opportunities to explore your relationship with the light of the Sun.  Are you the sun worshipper out on the sand every chance you get (I know you’re protecting your skin!)?  Or are you the cool one with shades who always wants the lights low in the yoga studio?

Get out in the XIX Sun, and let it grow you to acceptance of who you really are!


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