Weekly Card XI or VIII Justice

Justice from Ciro Marchetti's Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck
Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck

Rider-Waite-Smith Justice

So it’s another Major, is it?  Our 2nd weekly card turns out to be XI or VIII Justice.   Justice implies imbalances and disputes.  Even the numbering for Justice is disputed:  some decks and systems assign XI, others, VIII.  I’ll stay out of that discussion because I can see the merits of the arguments on both sides.

You’ll remember that Majors indicate that we’re working at levels deep in the psyche, with spiritual lessons that require adjustment to our basic values and beliefs.   Lots of things will be out of our control.

Justice is all about adjustment.  Karma.  Balancing.  Finding the centre point between 2 opposites.

In most decks you’ll see symbols like scales — nothing like the obvious, eh? — and a sword, along with some indicator of rules or laws.  There’s also usually a female figure, often blindfolded.  Taken together, these illustrate Justice as enforcing the rule of law, as basing its decisions in rationality, while taking the intuitive into consideration, and as being unaffected by external trappings like social or economic status — treating all equally.   All the figures and tools are acting in service to Justice.  Personal considerations are laid aside while in service.

There’s an interesting implication of maturity in Justice.  When it shows up, it indicates that karmic debts are being — or about to be — paid.  Why the delay in requiring payment?  We’re not subject to the same kinds of responsibilities when we’re young as when we’re adults.  So Justice implies that we’ve “come of age”, we’ve reached another level of responsibility for ourselves and our choices.  If the choices in our past have created imbalance, we’re given circumstances that offer us the opportunity to restore the balance, from a mature point of view.

Justice is unrelenting, untiring, never off duty.  You can run, but you cannot hide.  When Justice shows up, it’s time to learn the lesson, and you’ll get circumstance after circumstance after circumstance that requires attention until you’ve made choices that indicate you understand where the imbalance lies and what caused it.

So, the questions to ask when XI or VIII Justice is before you are things like . . .  Are all sides being heard in this matter?  Am I trying to have my own way at someone else’s expense or vice versa?  Where’s the garbage in my attitude that I need to toss away because it’s becoming toxic?  Is there something I need to take action on in service of Justice?  And when challenging circumstances that are beyond your control are happening with a Justice indicator, the big question is always, what is this situation trying to bring back into balance?

Now, what happens if we look at XIX Sun with XI or VIII Justice together?  2 Majors together indicate Big Things Afoot.  A few of the possibilities are that . . . Something hidden is being brought to light and will require actions or realisations in the name of Justice.  Things are being brought into balance so that you’ll be able to be more authentically yourself, more able to self-actualize.  If you’re literally facing legal matters, they will affect how the public sees you.  Would you say that XIX Sun in connection with XI Justice as applied to pending lawsuits indicate a positive or a negative outcome?

As you consider your life this week, notice when you feel XI or VIII Justice illustrates your circumstances.  And take any opportunity to bring balance to the world around you this week.

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