Weekly Card X Wheel of Fortune

131121 Oswald Wirth Wheel of Fortune
Oswald Wirth Tarot

Wheel of Fortune?   You could just as easily call it the Wheel of Time.

Wait long enough and you can count on almost anything to happen.   Sowing, reaping.  Loving, hating.  Learning, mastering.

To everything there is a season.

131121 RWS Wheel of Fortune
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

X Wheel of Fortune is your opportunity to look at your life’s experiences in total.   Do you see patterns that return?  What do they add up to?    Have you been running around in circles or spiraling to a deeper knowledge and understanding?  What are the lessons of the elements of your life?

Where do you see yourself on the Wheel?  Is your life force rising?  Are you at the top of your game, self-actualized?  Are you on the way up or down?

If you look at the sum of your experiences so far, do they describe a singular life’s work?  What is it that you are called to master?   Where do you find the skills and talents to achieve the calling for your life?  What has fate (Fortuna) given you?

What would it like to be in the centre of the Wheel?  Who turns that crank?  What if you could just be who you are, no matter what your circumstances?

Sure are a lot of questions, eh?  That’s because there’s only one thing for certain . . . .

This, too, shall pass.
So what will you do with what you’ve got?


One of the joys of having a tarot teacher available is that you can collect a big pile of questions and then have a private session.  You know where to reach me when the pile is big enough.

We’ve had another look at the confusing changes X The Wheel of Fortune can bring.

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