Weekly Card VIII/XI Strength

Rabbit Tarot VIII Strength
Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven’s The Rabbit Tarot


RWS Strength
Rider-Waite-Smith VIII Strength


What on earth?  The prey embracing the predator?  Exactly what level of Strength are we expected to achieve when we encounter VIII/XI Strength?

That this card is a Major is a big clue that we’re in the land of Mythos, the place of deep impact on the psyche.   And the fact that VIII/XI Strength is the pair to VIII/XI Justice in the numbering dispute offers more clues (think balance).

VIII/XI Strength invites us to recognize and tame our inner predator, our inner wild child.  Not by force and domination, but by embracing and understanding that aspect of ourselves.  By the perfect balance of Strength and Mercy.

Questions to ask when VIII/XI Strength appears include: When do I want to allow my wildness to break civilized bonds?  How can I do that passionately but peaceably?  with compassion?  Where do I need courage?

When VIII/XI Strength shows up, it is really our inner self that we must have the courage to face.  And VIII/XI Strength assures us that we have the strength to do what is needed in the circumstances we are in.  The place to find that strength is in concert with our instinctual selves.  Divine Power.  The careful cultivation of desires that leads to manifestation.

What kind of character would you describe if VIII/XI Strength was paired with XIX Sun?  With VIII/XI Justice?  With 10 of Pentacles?

And what about a situation in which the advice was to avoid 8 of Swords and to move toward VIII/XI Strength?

This week, find the opportunities to acknowledge that you are Lion.  Let us hear you roar!

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