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We’re back in Court!

Take a look at the Knight of Pentacles post for reminders of the general “rules” that will make your stay in the Court much easier.

Queens are the Water element of the Courts.  Think of all the descriptives for water: flowing, constant, nourishing, able to move around obstacles, able to wear away the densest of stones, given enough time.  Water in the tarot world is also associated with relationships, emotions, and creativity.  So Queens may ebb and flow like the tides, but they are constant and reliable.  They know who they are and have the maturity to use their gifts.

Swords, remember, are associated with Air, with communication, education, ideas, wit, the mental world.  So our Queen of Swords is going to be one smart cookie, talkative, quick witted, able to run the show and get things done with her mind.  Others around her will look to the Queen of Swords for wisdom, clarity and decisive direction.  Because she’s a Queen, concerned with Water as well as Air, she’ll use her ability to assess and analyze any situation to nurture others.  She knows how to think outside the box to serve those in her “kingdom”.

So, who in your life is that ambitious, brilliant mind that nurtures those around her?  Traditionally, Queens are mature women, but they really stand for the feminine principle, rather than for the female.  If an articulate young man with exceptional maturity and abilities to care for others came to your mind, don’t dismiss him!  He could very well be the best example of Queen of Swords energy in your life.

If the Queen of Swords is the only Court card in your spread, you may be looking at a situation which will be revolving around a person who meets her description.  Or, she may indicate an aspect of yourself that will be important in your circumstances.

Or, remember, she can also stand for the general energies of a situation.  So, if you’ve asked about a romantic relationship, there may very well be an emotional connection (Queens being all Watery), but there will be an important element of mental connections and a good chance that those in the relationship will be vying for control (those Airy Swords with the Queen’s mission to rule).

It can be fun to invite some Court cards in for tea or supper.  Since you’ve met the Knight of Pentacles and the Queen of Swords, why not have a casual get together and see what it’s like to interact with the Airy Knight of Earthy Pentacles and the Watery Queen of Airy Swords together.  See what kind of clever changes a chat with them will instigate in your life.   Between the Knight’s persistence and the Queen’s abilities to overcome obstacles, you can let your best ideas come forth.

Just keep an eye on that Queen if she shows up as a clever and chatty Siamese, especially around your best china.

Enjoy the mind-blowing possibilities this week!


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