Weekly Card Page of Pentacles

130822 Gaian Child of Earth
Gaian Tarot
130822 Page of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot


What’s your relationship with the world around you?

Page of Pentacles calls you to refresh that relationship.  See the world with new eyes, hear with new ears.  Engage all your senses to evaluate what’s around you.

Remember that each member of the Tarot Court is connected with an element.  Pages correspond to Earth.  You’ll remember that Pentacles do, too.  So we’re as earthy as we can get here.  And we’re not moving quickly.  Think of the time it takes to shovel out a big hole, versus the time — and effort — involved in blowing an equal amount of airy feathers out of the way.

What are the hard-fact realities around you?  What’s going on in nature?  How about in your own little slice of nature, your body?

And what are the new possibilities for manifestation?  How can you use what’s around you to make changes in your material world?  How can you grow your security?  Your health?  Evaluate what you have for immediate usefulness as well as for seeds for the future.

When Page of Pentacles represents an actual person, rather than the energies you want to use in situations around you, s/he’ll be practical, good with finances, slow, steady and reliable.  This is another place where intuitive leapers may feel as if they’re keeping the brakes applied.  Slow movers who like to experience the world step by step will be just fine in a relationship with Page of Pentacles.

Enjoy a fresh exploration of your abundant world!

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