Weekly Card II High Priestess

140102 Herbal II High Priestess
Herbal Tarot

In honour of yesterday’s new moon – how often do we start a new year and a moon cycle on the same day?! – let’s look at one of the cards associated with the mysteries of the moon: II High Priestess.

140102 RWS II High Priestess
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Remember, as a Major Arcana card, II High Priestess can change your way of looking at the world.   And the biggest impact will be on your receptivity, your intuition.

II High Priestess is one of the feminine cards.  Like the moon, her light is reflective.  She aligns herself with the divine or the cosmic (or whatever you want to call that unknowable spark at the centre of it all).  And her alignment shines forth with true beauty, from the very centre of her being.

Just as the moon has its phases, II High Priestess understands the cycles of life.  She knows how to wait for just the right time to make a move.  And she’s not disturbed by the changes in those cycles: new, full, or in between, it’s still the moon to her.

When II High Priestess shows up, you know what will be on the menu:  develop your intuition and equilibrium, and align yourself with your divine purpose.  Of course, the generous universe is likely to serve you the combination platter.

Revel in the mysteries of the new moon and the new task in the moonth to come!

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