Weekly Card Ace of Cups

130905 Gilded Ace of Cups
Gilded Tarot

Oh yay!  It’s one of those cards that mean we’ve got a new love interest!

Or is it?

Have you noticed how often people want to know about their love lives?  Almost as often as they ask for lottery numbers, right?

Maybe that’s because we’re social creatures.  We all want to be loved.

But does Ace of Cups really mean that we’ve got a new love coming our way from out there in the world?

The Ace is an indicator of newness and of beginnings.  It’s the seed or the potential for something to manifest.  And Cups put us in the world of the heart, corresponding to emotions, relationships and creativity.

But the Ace doesn’t indicate an “out there”.

The emotional awakening we feel when Ace of Cups shows up is purely between we, ourselves, and the individual I.

Our higher selves looked down and saw that it was time to refill the cup.   Or, if you like, our higher selves dipped into our subconscious and served up a big helping of new awareness.

We don’t even need an object for our affections or a goal for our creative bursts.  We might transfer our inner awakening onto something out in the world, but it’s really still an inner change.

And it’s a seed.  A potential.  It will need to move and become something else if it is to successfully manifest (stay tuned . . . .).

Keep connecting these cards with the elements of your own life, week to week.  This week that means you want to notice when you

Feel that loving feeling!


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