Weekly Card Ace of Cups Revisited

Ace of Cups
Housewives Tarot

Open your heart! It’s ready for new connections.

We’ve looked at the Ace of Cups before. This time we’ve got the Housewives Tarot image to consider.

Remember that Aces are all about the new, about beginnings. Cups have to do with our emotions, our creativity, our relationships.

So what do we see here?

That cup sure is clean and clear. And it’s beautiful and fragile. This is the special occasion stuff, isn’t it? And it’s as pristine as if it were brand new.

The hand that’s handling it isn’t the everyday hand, either. There’s no evidence of dishwashing or gardening or the rough handling of daily life. That’s a hand that’s had a manicure, a hand that’s as beautiful as the cup itself. It’s a hand that’s ready for special handling.

So these emotions or this relationship or creative project is the early stuff, when it’s all clean and lovely. Before things get messy. When we still dress up and handle it all with special care.

Love is precious and love is kind, the clearest jewel when first it’s new . . . .

And the delicate cup is empty. What will you fill it with?

Follow your heart to find out!

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