Weekly Card 9 of Wands

9 of Fire, Tarot of the Spirit
Tarot of the Spirit
RWS 9 of Wands
Rider-Waite-Smith 9 of Wands


The Tarot of the Spirit offers our first example of a deck that uses elements rather than the usual suits.  Here, Fire is the equivalent to Wands, Wind (Air) corresponds to Swords, Water is the same as Cups, and Earth matches Pentacles.  So 9 of Fire in this deck holds the position of 9 of Wands.

9 of Wands guards the status quo.  All the details are in order, all the hard-won battles have been fought (notice the bandages?), and now it’s time to protect what’s been gained.  9 of Wands is dedicated to a world view.

9 of Fire from Tarot of the Spirit illustrates the connection between Wands and spirituality.  The Eye of Fire protected by the wands (rods and cones of vision, anyone?) bears the 6-pointed star of earthly experience meeting the divine, and looks over mountain peaks.  There’s been a peak experience — or will be one coming up — that offers a new approach to daily life.  Allow your enthusiasm to scale mountains, bringing you to a new vision.  Integrate the peak experiences, the spiritual passions, into the mundane.  Allow the Vision (think “Vision Quest”) to be your inspiration, regardless of the opposition.

Of course, there can be a down side to all that standing ground in 9 of Wands.  The danger is in becoming someone who is looking for the next fight instead of enjoying the passions of his or her life.  He or she — but certainly not you or I :-} — can become so argumentatively stuck in his or her beliefs that all opposition is shut out.  Passion without compassion can lead to the strong arm approach.  The call of the 9 of Wands is for understanding of the connection to all that is.

So, questions to ask when 9 of Wands shows up include, “Is it necessary to fight in order to follow the Vision?”  “What are ways to meet opposition with enthusiasm?”  “How do your passions colour your world view?”

Would you prefer the experiences of 9 of Wands guarding an 8 of Swords status quo or a XIX Sun status quo?  And what story might you tell if you follow XI or VIII Justice with 9 of Wands?

Enjoy your dedication to your deepest enthusiasm (en-theos or the divine within) this week!

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