Weekly Card 8 of Swords

Ciro Marchetti's Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of the Divine Tarot


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Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot


Oh, that critical 8 of Swords!

You know those times when every single thought seems to be an accusation?  When every decision you make seems to keep you from everything you’ve been working toward, everything that’s of value to you?

Lucky you, if you don’t!

What’s going on in your day-to-day life — remember this is a Minor card, so it’s all about circumstances — that the nit-picking 8 of Swords might apply to?   Listen to your self-talk this week to see where you’ve gotten so critical of yourself that you’re absolutely stuck and can think of no way out.

8 of Swords offers us the chance to re-direct toward our intuition for guidance.  How can you go within to feel your way forward?  Use your emotions to help you find the road to take.

If 8 of Swords is putting you right in touch with some of the trickier spots in your life, remember that Minors are circumstantial:  this, too, shall pass.  Unlike with Major cards, Minors indicate that there’s a lot you can do to influence your situation (all that stuff we just talked about).

So, the circumstances you can expect to see when 8 of Swords show up involve criticism and being stuck.  Pet projects might come under fire and go absolutely nowhere.  There could be sniping in relationships.  If you’re studying, you could find yourself completely lost in a sea of details.

Again, ask yourself how you can change the way you think.  How can you connect with your intuition to move forward?  As you can see by the bindings around the arms and the blindfolds, you’ll need to look for something other than manipulation or clear-sightedness to help you when 8 of Swords shows up.

How does last week’s card, XI or VIII Justice, combine with 8 of Swords?  Has something moved back into balance, leaving you unable to think your way out of the new situation?  Or, possibly, has your self-criticism brought things out of balance and you’ll find yourself released by external circumstances that get you in touch with your intuition?

And how does XIX Sun connect with 8 of Swords?  What if you make a 3-card reading of XIX Sun, XI or VIII Justice, and 8 of Swords?  Notice the events in your life this week, with an eye toward discovering correspondences with any singular card or combination of these 3 cards.

And make sure you spend some time reminding yourself just how adorably wonderful you are!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Card 8 of Swords”

  1. Nancy Schaffer

    your website is beautiful! The art Tarot card is worthy of the Sistine Chapel. The reading you gave for my friend Debra really gave her a lift. I am will tell my friend Jim Hodges about your Yoga for cycl;ists – he has a Mobile bike repair business in his “retirement”. I will see you for a reading one day soon! Yeah it seems like Spring is here.

    1. transformation3

      Thank you, Nancy! I’ll make sure Jen and her staff at Eden Design know that you appreciate what they’ve done here (there’s a link to their site on my Links page). Check out the link in the caption on the photo — it’ll send you to Ciro’s website to enjoy more of his inspiringly beautiful art.
      I enjoyed meeting Debra and am delighted to have your feedback. I send regards, if you think of it. And thanks for spreading the word to Jim!
      I’ll look forward to seeing you again. Lots of fragrant spring wishes meanwhile . . .

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