Weekly Card 7 of Swords

131031 Winged Spirit 7 of Swords
Winged Spirit Tarot

Oh, it’s so hard to write about 7 of Swords.   I’d like to tell you about them, but I need to keep my ideas guarded.  Maybe I’ll tell you some half-truths . . . .

Now that, right up there ^, that was 7 of Swords.

131031 RWS 7 of Swords
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

7 of Swords says that the current state can’t be maintained but that there’s too much misinformation to make any concrete decisions.  The only thing for sure is that, if you continue the way you’ve been going, you’ll run up against some major roadblocks.

7 of Swords can be difficult, in that you can’t be sure who to trust – even yourself!   The advice is often to think before you speak and to speak about what you intend to do before you do it.  The problem is, you’re not sure who’s listening or what they intend to do with the information you share.

It’s best to keep your cards close to your vest.  Collect information, taking it all with a grain of salt.  See if you can find the indirect route to your goals.

Check your own trustworthiness regarding others:  Are you taking ideas from someone else, rather than using your own?  Can you live with that?

The very positive outcome from 7 of Swords is that it heralds the Sword of Truth.  A breakthrough in your thinking, especially in your spiritual awareness.

If you’re planning something, you’ve only got something that will be partially successful at this stage.  If you can wait for that mental breakthrough before you roll out your plans, you’ll have something much more sturdy to offer.

Picture a few of the tarot cards we’ve looked at at a high stakes poker game.  7 of Swords is amoung  XIX The Sun3 of Wands, Page of Pentacles  and 10 of Swords.  Who’s doing what?  And who’s likely to come out a winner?

Keep your Poker face this week!

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