Weekly Card 3 of Pentacles Repeat

131219 Osho Zen 3 of Rainbows
Osho Zen Tarot

Welcome to the world of meaningful work!

131219 RWS 3 of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

3 of Pentacles, as a 3, is expansion and expression; as a Pentacle, those exes are happening in the material world, the world of health, and the world of finances.  (Not to bring to mind those you’ve left behind.)

Or maybe we do want to . . . .

When 3 of Pentacles appears, we know we’re on the road to perfecting whatever it is that we’re up to.  We’re looking to improve our status.  And that means we’ll be changing our relationship to anything that holds us back.

On the positive side, we can be so focused on our aspirations that we take the steps needed to attain those heights.   We’re dedicated to what we want to achieve: it comes from within, from our inner guide.  We gather a team that shares our vision and brings what we need to the table.  We understand how to work from a plan and how to learn new skills when we need to.

And the implication of 3 of Pentacles is that there’ll be a reward for quality work that’s faithful to the vision.

On the negative side, we can be so focused on the idea of “the best” that we use others to climb to the top.   Not a pretty picture, and not necessary to achieve our goals.

Osho Zen is one of the tarot decks that uses alternatives to Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands.  Here, we have Rainbows corresponding to Pentacles, Water to Cups, Clouds to Swords, and Fire to Wands.

To strengthen your understanding of 3 of Pentacles, imagine it in response to questions about home improvement, about a health or diet plan, and about investments.  How can you apply the concepts above to those arenas?

Then imagine the story you’d tell if 3 of Pentacles is paired with 10 of Swords.  And what’s the very different story that might result if it appears with Ace of Pentacles?

Now’s your chance to follow your inner guide to a better world!


I’m on holiday this week, so this repeat post is filling in for a live one.  Yes, you can still schedule a personal reading or lesson with me here.

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