Weekly Card 2 of Swords

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Rider Waite Smith Tarot
Rider Waite Smith Tarot


Decisions, decisions!

Have you ever noticed that, when you’ve got a difficult choice to make, you get stuck in analyzing the either-ors of the situation?

2 of Swords lets us know that we’re going to get nowhere by staying in our mind.  In fact, we got into being stuck by over-using our mind.  We’ve been hoping to protect ourselves from the outcome we don’t want by endlessly debating the pros and cons.  Maybe we haven’t gone so far as to play ostrich (what a lovely view that affords others!), but we might want to feel how close we’ve come.

And it’s costing us more than the ability to move forward.  We’re isolating ourselves from real connection, so we’re alone in our indecision.  We’ve cut ourselves off from our emotions, which means we’re cut off from our very human self and from the people around us.

Hmmmm . . . . all this, just from making a 2 column list?

In 2 of Swords, yes.

2 of Swords offers us a different sort of solution to our dilemma.  We’ve got that ocean of intuition behind us that we’re called to draw from.  We can feel the balance of good and evil (towards our most authentic self and away from the same).  We can also feel the balance of dark and light.  We’ve been holding those swords in the same place long enough.  It’s time to get all martial arts master with them and look into our own dark side to resolve the inner conflict.  Go into the unknown, Luke!

We might find that there are many more than the apparent two options in there.  Aside from the expanded possibilities that include both (it’s all one coin, after all), there are the many possibilities that fall into “neither”.

So, 2 of Swords calls us into true spiritual balance, rather than the temporary (and false!) peace of isolation.  It calls us to make an intuitive choice.

Where will you feel the expanded choices in your life this week?

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