Weekly Card 2 of Pentacles

140410 Tarot Illuminati 2 of Pentacles
Tarot Illuminati

 How are you doing with all those balls you’re keeping up in the air?

2 of Pentacles acknowledges that we sometimes have our hands full dealing with change.  And those stormy seas reflect the emotional state we can get into while trying to adapt and stay flexible.

Every life has its ups and downs.  We’re just more adapted to some of the up and down patterns than others.  The hard truth that 2 of Pentacles tells us is “things will never settle down”.

140410 RWS 2 of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Its wisdom is that, if we put the elements of our lives in service to our purpose (see that infinity sign that connects the pentacles in our juggler’s hands?), we will be able to harmonize those elements successfully.  I’m sure you’ve found the zen of organization at least once or twice in your life.  2 of Pentacles can bring you to that state.  You know, the one where you’re making the best use of the resources you have.  The one where you’re interacting with life, not acting on – or acting out! – or reacting to.

This is where the meaning “skillful piloting leads to far-reaching success” comes from.

So what are the elements of your life that you’re trying to balance?  2 of Pentacles promises that you’ll find a way to keep them spinning!

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