Weekly Card 10 of Wands

131114 Golden Dawn Wang 10 of Wands

It’s going to take more than one pair of hands to manage all this!

131114 RWS 10 of Wands
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Here we have the minors in Wands at their most passionate and enthusiastic.   Is our Rider-Waite-Smith character someone who’s taken on as much as he can carry?  Or it he someone who’s taken all the toys and is going home with everyone’s stuff?  Or is this just someone who’s happily carrying all the resources he needs for his current project?

The 10 of Wands level of passion can lead to any of those scenarios.  We can be so ambitious about getting something done that we forget we’ve only got so many hours and so many hands.   Or we can believe so passionately in our agenda that we steamroll others or press them into service.  Or we can be so involved in what we’re getting done that we recognize almost anything around us as a resource for our aims.

As with all the 10s, we’re being pressed to recognize who we really are on some level.  With Wands, it’s all about recognizing our purpose.  What is it that really holds all those wands together into a cohesive bundle?  What directs all those hands in the Golden Dawn 10 of Wands toward a single end?

It’s time to focus at 10 of Wands and find the unifying factor.  The big questions to ask are, What are my values?  What’s really important to me right now?

And then make sure you’re not hiding behind those values — or projects — to avoid interaction with the world around you.

The good news with all that enthusiasm, when it’s focused and based on meaningful values, is that the goal will be attained, the values will be realized, and the resources will be there.

Get up and get going!

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