Weekly Card 10 of Pentacles

130502 Dreams 10pentacles
Tarot of Dreams

130502 RWS 10pentacles

10 of Pentacles puts us squarely in the midst of community, bringing our wealth and skills with us.  We have found a purpose in the world and a niche for that purpose.  There are plenty of opportunities for commerce, in the best sense of the word: exchange with the others in our community.

Despite the practicality of the 10 of Pentacles, it is one of the most “spiritual” of the Minor cards.  We come to have a place in the world based on the demonstration of our spiritual development.  The pentacles in the  card are arranged in the Tree of Life from Kabbalah.  The scales of XI/VIII Justice in the Rider-Waite-Smith card are on the arch.  Our attainments under 10 of Pentacles are stable and lasting, based on inner truth and balance.  We have a chance to discover the sacred in everyday life.

There’s a gateway in the 10 of Pentacles.  In the Tarot cycle, each 10 leads back to its own Ace, acknowledging that the Wheel of Life always turns, that each stable attainment is a jumping off place for a deepening cycle.  We can follow that path deeper within ourselves to bring us to deeper connections in the community.

What if we look at 10 of Pentacles with 2 of our past cards, XIX Sun and XIII Death?  We’d have natural transition combined with very public appearance and a place within community.  What sorts of circumstances would fit the combinations of those energies?

Notice where you find the sacred in your mundane life this week.  And enjoy the position you’ve attained in your community.

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