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Ever hear that greeting “hey, whattaya know?!”    Well, the correct answer when you meet 0 Fool is “absolutely nothing!”

We’re in the land of the Majors (remember, that’s impact deep in the psyche, with lots that’s out of our control), so it’s all about our attitude and learning.   And 0 Fool learning is as playful as we can manage.  Jump into the game with both feet and forget all that you’ve learnt about rules.

We’ve all got our biases and judgments from our years — or decades — of experience.  We all are sure there are times and places in life when we know how things work.  A leads to B and next comes C . . .

0 Fool will take you to a world that will show you that all those biases and judgments have their limitations.  A is as likely to get you to E or Z as B.  And as for B following C . . .  well, can U C D B?  Enjoy the buzz!

If you’re all about creativity and play, 0 Fool will be a welcome opportunity for expanding your consciousness.  You’ll happily find yourself in the midst of experiences in which your most unlikely characteristics will be what save the day.  You’ll get to surrender to the fascinations of your heart and take a quantum leap in your life.

If you’re more about organization and practicality, 0 Fool may be more of a challenge.  See if you can get used to hearing the calling of your heart.  Ask yourself where your fears are and then see what you’d need to follow your heart, even through the fears.  Does it help to know that 0 Fool will up your integrity?

How would 0 Fool impact 8 of Swords?  How would XIX Sun get on with 0 Fool?  What about those 2 of Swords decision times; how would 0 Fool shake those up?

 You’ve been set free this week.  You’re liberated from the restriction of established rules.

Enjoy the new world of discovery!

You can discover the deeper world of tarot through individual or group lessons.  Contact me here.

We’ve had a look at another face of 0 The Fool.

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