Transform the Impossible

1409 Impossible Door

There are things in our lives that are completely out of our control.

Like people bombing each other to “solve” problems. Like poisons being dumped into our water and air.

(I’m going to stop now before we lose heart. You’ve got the picture.)

Since we’re all connected, all these things impact us. Some slam into us directly. Some are cushioned by the many bodies between us and whatever’s at root.

But what can we do about them? Ignore them? Become a world-class cynic? Do nothing and hope for superhero salvation?

There are small, personal actions we can and should take. Make purchasing choices based on the long-range consequences. Make our views known to the people “in charge”. Be supportive and involved with those taking the direct impact.

And there’s something more we can do.

Study after study affirms that when groups of people meditate, pray or “send positive energy”, statistics like crime rates lower in the area. Group focus with strong intention even affects random number generators.

It seems impossible in our scientific paradigm, but it’s not.

And that’s the point. There’s still plenty of “impossible” happening in the world around us. The doors to solution for the unsolvable are still open, at least a crack.

So meditate, pray, send good juju. Take the practical actions you can see. Then contribute transformative energy to the impossible solutions.

Open impossible doors!


Yes, we can work together on the global or personal impossibilities in your life.  You know where to reach me.  Let’s be part of changing the world!

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