Through the Looking Glass

Over the last couple of months you’ve identified opportunities for creativity and you’ve explored how to honour even the most unlikely of dreams.

Now what?

If you’ve only poked your head in the door, we want to get the rest of you dancing through to stay.  And if you’re already through, we want to keep you there.

1405 Through the Looking GlassOnce we’re through our looking glass, how do we keep Alice’s free form sense of adventure without losing sight of our goal?

A cue to serve as a daily reminder can keep you on track.  For most of us something visual will do it – a brief note or picture.  For others, a song or piece of music works.  If you know you’ll be triggered by a fragrance, hey, go for it!

I’ve been taking waaaay too long to finish a sound healing course to sharpen my skills and add to my credentials.  My cue is a musical note in an open mouth with a little note “the hills are alive NOW” taped to the mirror in the bathroom where I brush my teeth and on the refrigerator (a place I know I’ll visit regularly).  That reminds me what I want to make time for and has a subtle hint that I’ve only got this one life to get it done (we can have the reincarnation talk another time).

So what’ll it be for a touchstone to keep you on your adventure in creativity?

All that’s left is to Make It So.

As always, give a holler if you need a hand through the glass.

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