The Sacred Form

140604 Stonehenge

What form does the sacred take?   Cathedrals?  Icons?  Arrangements of stones?  Geometrical shapes?

Your own body?

This earth we live on?

And why form at all?

We give form to our conceptions of the sacred to give them stability.  We can retreat to a cathedral, knowing it’s dedicated to the sacred (okay, real world intrusion of your choice, but you get the intention).

Or are we looking for stability ourselves?

And, yes, the forms we construct to represent the sacred will eventually give out.  But some of them will last longer than we as individuals, leaving a landmark of our connections with the Divine for another time and culture.

What is it about the sacred form that can make us feel secure?  And what that makes us aware of our limitations?

What can you do this month to build the sacred a form?  Perhaps it’s the form of a ritual.  Perhaps it’s time for an art project, audio, visual or Terpsichorean.

All of that is at the forefront this month.  Examine all the forms of your life to discover the sacred connection.

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