Tarot Counseling: Awareness , Vision, and Knowledge

Awareness, Vision, and Knowledge.
Focus Your Energy Thru The Tarot!

With all the *stuff* that demands our attention from day to day, we can easily wind up wasting our time on little stuff that builds deeper and deeper ruts. A tarot session can give you a bird’s eye view, so that you can see which stuff gets you out of the rut and in the direction you really want to go.

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Tarot Counseling:  Getting in touch with your deeper wisdom

Tarot counseling is an interactive way of using a tarot spread. We’ll use the cards to read the energy surrounding you and find the best way for you to make use of those energies. You get to make decisions and be proactive in creating the life you want, based on your session.

You can use a tarot counseling session for personal growth, addressing any aspect of who you are: your intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical self. You can use a session for any area of your life: your social life, home life, creative life, career life . . . . The possibilities are as large as your dreams.

So if you are ready to make  changes in your life, please get in touch with me. I’ve been doing this work for over thirty years, and love being able to share my knowledge and perspective to help people change their lives. If you would like to set an appointment for a session, or just see if Tarot Counseling is for you, please contact me.

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