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“Asanas (postures) are done by the body but are not totally for the body.

Asanas are part of yoga and yoga is primarily for the consciousness.

Yoga is for the mind.

It should be done by the body for the mind.”

(Prashant Iyengar)

Yoga Thoughts


“Do not look at others’ bodies with envy or with superiority.
All people are born with different constitutions.
Never compare with others.
Each one’s capacities are a function of his or her internal strength.
Know your capacities and continually improve upon them.”
― B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life: The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom

Yoga Thoughts

150413 Iyengar dhanurasana

“The asana is an enquiry: ”Who am I?”

Throwing out the parts until only the Self is left,

the final pose is “I am.””

BKS Iyengar

Look at last Monday’s post to see how Mr. Iyengar has whittled away the non-Self.

As a teacher, I’m privileged to watch students deepen their sense of Self regularly.  You’re welcome to do the same in any of my classes (listed over there on the right).

Yoga Thoughts

150406 Iyengar dhanurasana 2

“It is important for those of us who teach yoga to make it clear that the practice (as stated by Mr. Iyengar) does not come from the mind or the body, but should come from the heart. When we go through life with an open heart, we are sensitive to ourselves and those around us.” -Janet MacLeod

Yoga Thoughts

150330 yoga retreat

ah, the benefits of yoga

 a solid vrksasana

er, wait . . . .

this would be why I don’t do gurus

Yoga Thoughts

150316 luck o the irish

Luck o’ the Irish

Try practicing yoga anywhere BUT the mat


Yoga Thoughts

130309As different as our approaches may be, we’re all part of the same family.

My journey began on the bottom right branch at the Himalayan Institute.

Most of my training is from further up the right side of the tree:

the Iyengar limb

of the Krishnamacharya branch.

You can visit my tiny twig on the tree in any of the classes listed in the Upcoming Events & Ongoing Classes section on the right side of the page.

Yoga Thoughts

150302 cute-dog-funny-yoga-urdhva

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Upward facing dog

Sort of.

Cute, huh.

Add the active stretch backward with the legs and you’ll have it.

Now, if you’re going for the McKenzie push up, this is exactly the level of sag you want.

Look over there to the right (Upcoming Events & Ongoing Classes) and find a class that suits you; we get to back bending with preparations regularly.

Yoga Thoughts

150223 shit-happens-yoga-goes-on-500x376

And in Iyengar yoga, you can take comfort in knowing that a bolster will solve it all.

Thanks to Yoga Dork for the wonderful post!

You’ll get to play with lots of props in my classes.  The schedule is in the Upcoming Events and Ongoing Classes box on the right of your screen.

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