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Yoga guides are just humans, with our own yoga practice.  Or were you expecting a Yoga Super Hero to come to your rescue?

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Yoga thoughts

You might as well get over it . . .  your dog will always be able to out-do you at yoga.

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The Showers are All in the Timing

If you love flowers — and are there really folks who don’t? — you know all about the April showers bringing May flowers.

It’s all in the timing.  If those bulbs and seeds don’t get the refreshing rain, we don’t see the blooms.  If the showers are too early — say, in windy March — the earth will have dried out by the time the flowers-to-be go looking to drink up the water.  Too late and . . . well . . . it’s truly a bleak sight.

You know there’s a metaphor for your life here, don’t you?  Into every life a little rain, etc . . . .  Feed a cold, starve a . . . no, wait, that’s something else.

Or maybe not.

Our dreams need feeding all right, and they need it at the right time.   If they don’t get what they need, what becomes of them?  Do they just die away underground?   Do they go dormant until conditions are right again?  Or do they become the feed for something non-native that takes the opportunity to fill the space we cleared for our dreams?

Well, that’s largely up to us, isn’t it?  Even if we miss an opportunity, do we keep our spirits open in anticipation of jumping on the next one?  Do we continue to tend the space, even if conditions haven’t been right for blooming dreams?  And do we do our homework to recognize where we can make changes in our attitudes or our actions to increase the chances for full flowering?

To support you in your blooming (other than my regular client hours, of course), I’ll be part of the riches at On the Wings of Dreams twice this month; once on Sunday the 7th and again on Saturday the 20th.  Facebook info is here  (complete with a weather forecast — FB just gets more creative every day!) and here.

Our last tarot teaching event, Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think!, was Very Good Fun and we’ll do it again.    For those who didn’t make it in to the March event, contact me to talk about creating an opportunity that will jive with your schedule.  Remember, if your free time doesn’t match scheduled events, you can always fit yourself into my regular client hours or, in the case of a multiple-participant event, you can get in touch to instigate other options.

Yoga is ongoing at Harmony Healing Arts on Thursday and Friday mornings and at Extreme Family Fitness on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

We’re starting a new 4 week yoga session the 30th April for Tuesday evenings at 6pm and Wednesday mornings at 10am, through the Berkeley County Adult and Community Education Program, so now is a good time to sign up (304-267-3585 or their website to download the spring catalogue).

There’s a special Harmony yoga event geared toward bicyclists on Friday,12th April from 7:15 to 8:15pm.  We’ll run through short pre- and post-ride sequences, as well as short and less short sequences to support your special stretching and strength-balancing needs.  Of course you can find the details on Facebook.  Remember, those event pages are an easy way to spread the word to interested friends:  click “join” or “maybe” and then “invite friends”, or just share the link on your timeline.  (Am I the only one who regularly remembers Dick Tracy’s wrist TV and Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone?)

Keep an eye out for the return of the Kitchen Witches in early May.  Brooke and I are cooking up — literally! — divine new delights to Up Your Game.   If you let your eyes wander over to the right, you’ll see that there’s a box dedicated to On-Going Classes and Upcoming Events.  You’ll be able to find the details for Kitchen Witch events — and all others — in that little widget.

You’ve probably noticed that the T3 website is a whole new world recently.  Jen Rolston and her staff at Eden Design brought their creativity to Raelene Mercer of Sublime Miami‘s inspired designs to bring the T3 website to life.   I’m grateful to all the goddesses at both firms for sharing paradise with T3!

Here’s to a life in full bloom!

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