XX Judgement

Non-Judgemental XX Judgement

150730 XX Judgement Wheel of Fortune Aeon
Wheel of Fortune Tarot

As you’ve probably noticed (hello, anyone out there?), this is no longer a “weekly card” feature.  It’s a “whenever I can make the time for it” feature.

And hey, no judgements.

Except this one.

I much prefer Aeon to Judgement as a title for the XX Major card (which we’ve seen before).

We’ve got all those geological ages – Pleistocene, Jurassic, Cambrian and all that lot that you remember from Science classes or cinema dates.

We define what our seniors patronizingly called “stages” by the big things that happen.

And XX Judgement – or Aeon – lets us know that we’ve completed one of our own defining eras.

At the end of eras new things evolve.  Or, for us, new characteristics and potentials are revealed.  From behind the veil.

Most of us have places where the froufrou is hiding our real selves.  “Putting on the dog”, we used to call it.  XX Aeon describes us when the froufrou is a true expression of ourselves or it’s just g.o.n.e. Gone.

We have a sense of black and white about what’s our “job” and what’s somebody else’s, of what we want to do with our time, of where our mission lies.  Rather than dress things up to flesh them out, we’re deciding me/not-me much more in line with our true nature, our true calling.

So dress yourself up, take yourself out for a stroll (minus the dog) and have at your new era.

Weekly Card XX Judgement

140313 CatsEye_XX Judgement
Cat’s Eye Tarot

We’ve got one of the “awwww” decks to look at XX Judgement: Cats Eye Tarot.

Those climbing kittens have made it up to the heights of the cathedral, and are quite comfortable there.  They’ve even got kitty gargoyle to keep watch over them.

XX Judgement calls us to our own heights.  Actually, it wakes us up to realize we’re already there or, at least, on our way.

140313 RWS XX Judgement
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

This follows nicely on the 6 of Wands from last week, doesn’t it?  6 of Wands lets us know we’ve done the work to reach our goals.  XX Judgement tells us that everything that holds us back has been swept away.

Expect to find new meaning to your life this week.  If you’ve been on hold, you can expect to come to life again and get moving.  Think of the phoenix or of tent revivals.  If you’ve been feeling like you’ve lost your way, you’ll find that you’re actually on track to your purpose.

XX Judgement following 6 of Wands lets us know that those goals we attained are part of a bigger picture.  We realize who we are from our successes (instead of having to make a bunch of mistakes to learn!).

That promotion into the position you wanted last week lets you know what’s really important to you in your career.  The legislation you helped put through leads to even more developments in society that help even more people than you’d originally set your sights on.   Your new traveling lifestyle leads to a lecture circuit or a book idea.

Your life will never be the same after XX Judgement.  You’ve recognized your calling and your entire life is transformed.  You can climb to the top to see the big picture.  All the clutter that’s been dragging on you has been upcycled and repurposed.  You’re out of the shadows and into the light.

Welcome to your bright new world!


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