XIX The Sun

XIX The Sun’s Flow

150723 XIX Sun Blake
William Blake Tarot

Last year, it seemed XIX The Sun was showing up regularly.  It’s been almost exactly a year since we’ve last seen it.

Have you noticed times in your readings when particular cards show up over and over?  You know, kind of like the kids poking you in the arm, “Hey, Mom”, “Hey, Mom”, “Hey, Mom”.

Well, it’s exactly like that. You’re continuing to resonate with a particular energy and your higher self is letting you know it’s an important thing to be aware of.

Sometimes it’s stuff we don’t really want to pay attention to.  But you know that’s exactly when the kids poke at you harder, right?  Or go off and get into big trouble that takes even more of your time and attention.  And we learn we’d have done better if we’d just interrupted the course we were on to attend to the pokey kids.

XIX The Sun is usually a welcome interruption (especially at this time of year, here in the northern hemisphere).  Unless you’re terribly shy and hate being seen out in public.  Or unless you’re really comfortable putting on the dog and hate being seen for who you are.

In the William Blake Tarot, we’ve got the sun on the horizon of the river of life.  We’re encouraged to jump in the river, to immerse ourselves in life, in our most naked, authentic and vulnerable state.  It’s as if we can go with the flow and follow the river right to the blessings of that sun.

It’s the participation in life that is really the reward of XIX The Sun, being out in the glorious world, sharing from our natural inclinations, being received for who we are in spirit.

Shine it on!

XIX The Sun Sets a Holiday Table

141127 XIX The Sun Leaves
Tarot Leaves

Since XIX The Sun insists on dominating this month, let’s let it host a Thanksgiving feast.

As you remember from Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think – as well as the recent XIX The Sun posts – the Sun is self-actualisation. Those three dots under the sun on the maple leaf of Tarot Leaves bring to mind body, mind and spirit fully engaged in living and growing.

Who else shall we bring to bask in the life-giving energies of the self-actualised Sun? How about the varied lot that we’ve met over the past couple of months.

How would XIX The Sun interact with the welcoming XXI The World? And how are the Father of Water (King of Cups) and XIX The Sun getting on at their corner of the table? How about the anxious 9 of Swords and the wise IX The Hermit? What do XIX The Sun and XXI The World have to offer 9 of Swords?

XIX The Sun seated the Ace of Cups on the other side of the Father of Water. How are the beginning and end of that suit getting on together? The volatile Knight of Wands is next to XII The Hanged Man. Who’s likely to be most influential in that pair?

Imagine as many combinations as you can at the Thanksgiving table. How do the cards help each other? Where do they clash? The discoveries you make will help you when reading multiple card spreads.

Enjoy the full spectrum of energies available to you through the tarot this week!

I’m grateful to all the students and blog readers for your part in my professional life this year. May you have much to be grateful for in the coming year.

XIX The Sun Yet Again

141113 XIX Sun New Vision
Tarot of the New Vision


In the little more than year and an half of Weekly Card posts, XIX The Sun has come up four times. And, spoilers, we’re not done with it this month.

And that’s what the Sun does. It has to be seen. Again and again. It comes up every day. It doesn’t wait to be seen.

Rider-Waite deck  XIX The Sun
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

And as the Tarot of the New Vision shows us, it looks the same from both sides. Tarot of the New Vision is designed to get behind the Rider Waite Smith deck to let us see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Not much difference in XIX The Sun. The Sun itself looks the same. The child is headed away from sunflowers into more sunflowers. We get the back view of the horse and the child, but we still have a naked child with nothing to hide, carried on the purified animal nature of the white horse. The big staff bearing the orange banner still looks like a giant wand (and look at your Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think handout to remind yourself what wands stand for). The gold crown and golden hair still indicate the regal mission fulfilled: living in service to the Divine mission. The feather of airy intellect is a grounded red.

The big change is in the absence of the wall.  Limitations are behind us.

And it’s that way in the self-actualized person, isn’t it?  We leave our past limitations behind.  No more wobbling between ego stances. Now there’s a solid sense of the self that’s lived out in daily life.

Celebrate the victory of your true self, day after day!



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Weekly Card XIX The Sun ReConsidered

The Enchanted Tarot XIX The Sun
The Enchanted Tarot

Lets go back to basics to welcome back XIX The Sun, even though we’ve looked at it before.

Those of you who’ve learned through Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think can see that XIX The Sun has a keyword of “self-actualisation”.

Who are you, actually? There’s who your friends think you are, who your kids think you are, who your boss thinks you are . . . . And who do you think you are? (Only get rid of the accusatory tone that usually goes with that question.)

You also know that the Majors are indicators of circumstances that will make deep changes in you, if you let them.

Does that make you fearful that big horrible things will happen that show you up to be exactly the person you didn’t want to be?

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Look at the lovely image from The Enchanted Tarot. What do you see there that’s big and horrible and repulsive?

Mostly we’ve got that big happy smiling sun face. What does that say to you?

And the sun’s rays are shining down on two birds. What does it look like they’re doing? How are they getting along with each other? And with all those flowers around them, does it look like they’ve got enough to eat, and enough to sing about?

So we can dispense with that fear of seeing ourselves as we don’t want to be seen, can’t we?

What if people saw you for the good things you are? And that means you, too: what if you saw yourself in a positive light? Like the smiling sunlight?

If you’re an element of XIX The Sun, which element are you? Which part of the image do you relate to most?

With all the information you’ve gathered from your knowledge of keynote and the Majors, along with your examination of the image on the card, what do you guess is coming up in the week ahead?

Enjoy your XIX The Sun-filled week!


If you’re having trouble bringing your true self to light, you know where to reach me for help.

Weekly Card XIX The Sun Revisited

140605 Dreaming Way XIX
Dreaming Way Tarot


Here’s XIX Sun back to shine the light on you!

By now, you’ve got the basics on XIX Sun down, er, warm.    So let’s look at our Dreaming Way image for depth cues.

Pretty simple:  crawling baby (elfishly cute, that one) with a lolli and a BIG cluster of sunflowers.  Of course smiling baby’s headed for the lolli.  Who wouldn’t?  But wait!  Where are those eyes focused?  Not on the lolli.  Not on the lolli?!  What could be better than a lolli?!

What could be better than a lolli?  (okay, we’ve all got a long list, but play along)  Since baby’s up here in the clouds, it could be almost anything.  So you’ve got free rein to make up possibilities.  And all those possibilities will lead you to aspects of your naked self.

And how about those sunflowers?  Beautiful, bright, cheerful . . . .  And, ever feel the stalk of a sunflower?  Pretty prickly down there.  And, again, baby’s smiling.  Not so much minding the prickly stuff.  Like, maybe, come to terms with the prickly stuff.  And what’s some of the prickly stuff you keep hidden under your bright and cheerful demeanor?  Any chance you can come to terms with it?  XIX Sun says “yes”.

This week gives you opportunities to explore your relationship with the light of the Sun.  Are you the sun worshipper out on the sand every chance you get (I know you’re protecting your skin!)?  Or are you the cool one with shades who always wants the lights low in the yoga studio?

Get out in the XIX Sun, and let it grow you to acceptance of who you really are!


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Weekly Card XVII The Star

140220 Wildwood Pole Star
Wildwood Tarot

We’ve seen the Sun and the Moon . . . . it’s about time we got around to the Star(s).

We’ve got lots of cultural imagery around stars:  we wish on them, we steer by them, we’d give them to others if we could (along with the sun and moon), we sing and marvel at their twinkle . . . .

And any and all of those images can factor into how you interpret XVII The Star.

The Wildwood Tarot Pole Star focuses our attention to guidance for our personal journey.  Whether or not we have a personal star in the universe, we do each have a unique purpose or guiding light in our lives.  XVII The Star reminds us of that mission.

140220 RWS Star
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

One of my favourite questions to ask when helping people find their destiny is “what would you do even if you were never rewarded, recognized or appreciated?”  That wonderful thing you do no matter what is a key to your most fulfilling life.  The Rider-Waite-Smith image displays that beautifully:  our blonde beauty pours endlessly from 2 jugs, never needing to be replenished.

It’s wonderful that we’re all literally made of star stuff (and so is much of our dust bunnies!).  Our pole star is actually internal, part of us.

XVII lets us know that we’re being rejuvenated, restored to our most authentic selves.  We can expect opportunities to revel in our natural gifts.

Shine brightly, beautiful star!



If you’re looking for personal help with your tarot learning or for phone, email, or in-person tarot counseling, here‘s where to find me.

We’ve had another look at XVII The Star here.  And a third look here.

Weekly Card XII The Hanged Man

Builders of the Adytum Tarot

Welcome to upside down world, where all seems to be topsy-turvy and no one seems to be upset about it.

Except . . . when has your world been turned upside down and you kept calm and unruffled?

We’ve even got expressions for some of what’s going on when we meet XII The Hanged Man:  “I’m hung up at . . .”   “I’m all tied up and can’t get away. . .”

140213 RWS Hanged Man
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

XII The Hanged Man indicates those times when nothing seems to move forward.  You might as well pull out your big store of patience, because you ain’t goin’ nowhere.  What?  You’re out of patience?  Well, you can count on developing some.

There’s actually a purpose to the down time of XII The Hanged Man.  He shows up when we’ve got lots of integrating to do.  He’s giving us a chance to develop some perspective, to gain some insight, to find meaning in what we’ve already lived through.

This odd character gives us a picture of acceptance and enlightenment.  He’s the guy who can live through having his world turned upside down with a sense that everything is just fine, thank you.  In fact, he uses his reversal to be in touch with his ideals and guiding values.  He outgrows materialism, sees his true self beneath the surface of experience and dwells in the divine consciousness of pure being.

Let’s bring it back down to earthly tarot.   What if you’ve got XIX The Sun followed by XII The Hanged Man?   What might you be integrating?

How about Queen of Swords followed by XII The Hanged Man?  Or 8 of Swords  with 3 of Pentacles and XII The Hanged Man?

Find some ways to create pauses in your life this week to process your experiences.  And . . .

Learn to enjoy the hang!

Weekly Card 7 of Swords

131031 Winged Spirit 7 of Swords
Winged Spirit Tarot

Oh, it’s so hard to write about 7 of Swords.   I’d like to tell you about them, but I need to keep my ideas guarded.  Maybe I’ll tell you some half-truths . . . .

Now that, right up there ^, that was 7 of Swords.

131031 RWS 7 of Swords
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

7 of Swords says that the current state can’t be maintained but that there’s too much misinformation to make any concrete decisions.  The only thing for sure is that, if you continue the way you’ve been going, you’ll run up against some major roadblocks.

7 of Swords can be difficult, in that you can’t be sure who to trust – even yourself!   The advice is often to think before you speak and to speak about what you intend to do before you do it.  The problem is, you’re not sure who’s listening or what they intend to do with the information you share.

It’s best to keep your cards close to your vest.  Collect information, taking it all with a grain of salt.  See if you can find the indirect route to your goals.

Check your own trustworthiness regarding others:  Are you taking ideas from someone else, rather than using your own?  Can you live with that?

The very positive outcome from 7 of Swords is that it heralds the Sword of Truth.  A breakthrough in your thinking, especially in your spiritual awareness.

If you’re planning something, you’ve only got something that will be partially successful at this stage.  If you can wait for that mental breakthrough before you roll out your plans, you’ll have something much more sturdy to offer.

Picture a few of the tarot cards we’ve looked at at a high stakes poker game.  7 of Swords is amoung  XIX The Sun3 of Wands, Page of Pentacles  and 10 of Swords.  Who’s doing what?  And who’s likely to come out a winner?

Keep your Poker face this week!

Weekly Card 8 of Wands

 Winged Spirit Tarot
131010 RWS 8 of Wands
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Out of the way!  We’re coming through!!

And we’re moving fast, to boot.

8 of Wands is the movement card.

Whatever is in process is moving quickly now.  Obstacles get swept aside as it moves.  And that includes you, if you don’t stay out of your own way.

It’s important to remember purpose when 8 of Wands appears.  Your purpose — your vision, your goal — has the support of the universal flow.   Any and all of the details pertaining to your purpose will be up for attention; if you get caught up in them, instead of keeping focus on the point of the details, you’ll find yourself tumbling arse over tea kettle in the strong currents.

Since 8 of Wands is in motion, travel can be connected.  Sometimes it’s the metaphoric creative journey with its secret insights, other times it’s literal, geographical travel, with all the whirlwind spontaneity and sense of adventure that comes with fiery Wands.

What would you say about a combination of 8 of Wands with 8 of Swords?  What about 8 of Wands with XIX Sun?

Connect 8 of Wands with some of your favourite cards to see what high-spirited motion lends to them.

You’re in service to spirit this week: enjoy the ride!

The beautiful card at the top of the post is from the Winged Spirit Tarot by David Sexton.


Weekly Card XIX The Sun Revisited

130704 Herbal XIX Sun
The Herbal Tarot

Since the XIX Sun is happy to shine on us again, let’s look at some of the qualities that the Herbal Tarot highlights.

 Notice those hands extending in all directions from the big yellow Sun?  The Sun is endlessly generous in all directions; it gives of itself without questioning who the beneficiary is.

You’re doing that all the time, too, whether you’re conscious of it or not.  All of us radiate some energy or other all the time; it’s just part of science and nature.   When XIX Sun shows up, chances are you’ve removed some of the layers of imposed programming and what you’re “shining on” is more authentically you than in the past.  After you give yourself a moment of joyous celebration, you can start asking some questions.  How do you act (what do you radiate) when you’re not being reactive?  No matter who is in front of your or what reception you’re getting?  Are there directions (areas) of your life that aren’t illuminated?

See that one of the radiating hands is holding an ankh, the symbol of timelessness and eternal life, of regeneration.   In the tarot deck, as in life, XIX Sun follows XVIII Moon.  Day is born from night.  Every morning offers new life, new blessings, a chance to see the world anew.  Rachel Pollack describes the journey from XVIII Moon to XIX Sun as “the light of the unconscious brought into daily life”.

The Herbal Tarot uses the concept of correspondence to connect specific herbs with each card in the tarot deck.  Angelica, the herb assigned to XIX Sun offers you connection to the spiritual via the angelic realm.  Anyone else imagining an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other?  We can listen to our angels while acknowledging our demons.  It’s part of being who we really, truly are.  If there’s any “stuck-ness” in your system, Angelica’s ability to release congestion or stiffness will help.  Angelica is strengthening and invigorating, feelings you might have felt when the days lengthen and we get more of the sun.

A formula I have written in my (veryvery old) notes on XIX Sun is “energy + meaning + purpose = joy at the beauty of life”.  Now that’s math I can get behind!  If only I’d made a note of the mathematician responsible for the formula.  As with many things in your life this week, XIX Sun will likely bring it to light.

En-Joy your own celebrations of the beauty of life in the (XIX) Sun!

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