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Weekly Card XXI The World Revisited

140417 Oswald Wirth XXI World
Oswald Wirth Tarot

Since we’ve looked at XXI The World before, let’s use it to consider a little slice of the world of tarot.

Tarot cards didn’t just spring forth in the forms we know them now.  Less Ta Da! and more evolutionary journey.

Most historians (yes, even in tarot, they’re an argumentative bunch) trace the first tarot deck back to Milan, Italy in the mid to late 15th century.  And most agree that the deck that was designed for the Visconti family was a deck for gaming, rather than for reading and personal spiritual growth.  You’ve seen one of the cards in an earlier post.

The Visconti deck made it to France via the usual political transfers of power, and companies in Marseilles began printing tarot decks.  And here’s where tarot as a transpersonal tool had it’s start in the early 1700s.  There’s a style of decks known as Tarot de Marseilles, which are based on a few early decks.

The XXI World card pictured above is from the Oswald Wirth Tarot, which is a Marseilles-based deck.  Wirth was a Swiss kabbalist who studied in the French tarot tradition.   He designed his deck in the late 1800s with a great deal of input from a couple of his French mentors.  Like the Visconti, it was a majors only deck.

It’s a big world that our tarot tradition is a part of.  There are other arts that have made the cross-cultural migration.  Ballet is another that made the journey from Italy to France (Catherine diMedici married Henri II and was very influential vis a vis the court “theatre”).  I have to mention that, given the dancer on XXI The World. :-}

But, more importantly, it’s another example of the falling boundaries that XXI The World indicates.  No matter what’s gone before, there’s always a way to break through to wholeness and freedom, and it’s often the least expected avenue.

Celebrate transcendence!

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Here we looked at how we can have an impact on others.




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Weekly Card Page of Wands

131017 Visconti Sforza Page of Wands
Visconti Sforza Tarot

Oh boy!  Oh boy!  Oh BOY!!

Page of Wands is eager to get going on your next exciting adventure!

131017 RWS Page of Wands
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Elementally, Page of Wands is earth of fire,   So, we can expect actions that come from passion.  We’re ready to do something!

Of course, when we’re driven by our passions, we’re not always thrifty.  Or, even, sane.

If we’re using the kind of wisdom that comes with being connected to our higher purpose, we’re more likely to take action in the right direction.   So our temporary lack of prudence will pay off in the long run.

If we’re not . . . .  well, the Page doesn’t take us very far into the experience — Page is more about beginning — so we will have an out not too far down the line if we need one.

Like, if we found an RV to try life on the road and found out we still had to pay bills.  Or, if we were mad enough to try fire eating and found out, yup — and big ouch! — we could get burned.

If you’re still reading and not already off on your adventure . . .

enjoy all the expansive, enthusiastic energy this week!


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We’ve had another look at the playful Page of Wands.

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