Weekly Card 2 of Cups

130926 Gilded 2 of Cups
Gilded Tarot

Well, would you look at that!

Earlier this month we had the seed card — Ace of Cups  — for this week’s 2 of Cups.

130926 RWS 2 of Cups
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Twos are when we make choices about our seeds: do they need more water, more warmth?  Do they need protection or just to be left alone?

We need to be responsive and cooperative at the stage of 2.  We’re being in sync with someone or something else.  We’re blending and sharing what each brings to the relationship.

And since we’re in the world of Cups, relationships are literal.  You have a chance to get intimate with someone else and start making the choices that will impact the direction of your relationship.

The world of emotions is all bound up in 2 of Cups, so we’re not necessarily being rational here.  Past wounds can impact us, so that we’re operating from old feelings.  If we’ll keep our heads — our awareness — we can heal some of the old wounds under 2 of Cups.

Our creativity has an outlet under 2 of Cups.  The relationship is metaphorical, but we still need to be responsive to the media with which we’re working.  Our creations have lives of their own and we’re already discovering that.

This week, you can connect the dots between what’s going on now and what feelings and creative ideas were awakened earlier in the month.  Are any of the elements from earlier in the month still attractive enough to continue the relationship?

If so . . . .

Let the shared sparks fly!



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