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Weekly Card Riding with the Knight of Cups

150402 Knight of Cups Baroque Bohemian Cats
Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot

We’ve had a pretty thorough look at the Knight of Cups before (as one of his aliases: Prince of Cups). Since he follows his heart in and out of our lives, let’s take a look at a few more of his possible faces.

One of my favourites is his appearance as a white glamour puss on his proud black mount, from the Baroque Bohemian Cat deck. This Knight obviously loves the finer things in life. When he rides into town, it means you’d better put on the dog to have a chance with him. It’s nights at the theatre and five-star dining. The minute you want to run through the sprinkler in your undies or crash on the sofa, he’ll be back on his horse in search of his next peak experience.

150402 Knight of Cups Renaissance Williams
Brian Williams’ Renaissance Tarot

Brian Williams’ Knight of Cups from his Renaissance Tarot seems more accessible, perhaps even more interested in being of service. He’s awfully placid atop his feisty and substantial steed. This Knight promises growth and healing (his green garments and the corner reference to the Archangel Raphael) if we drink from the cup he offers.   But his horse has all the ferocity and bite of the transient and truncated sexual encounters (Scorpio’s sting is in there, after all – the astrological correspondence for Knight of Cups) that the Knight of Cups is famous for.

150402 Prince of Cups Thoth
Aleister Crowley Frieda Harris Thoth Tarot

Finally, we have the Aleister Crowley- Frieda Harris Thoth Tarot (another Prince of Cups). Frankly, a whole lot more scary Scorpio and less hopeful romantic. His sights are still set firm on his desires (the serpent rising from the cup), but he wears and rides the eagle aspect of Scorpio (the “evolved” scorpion) and carries a lotus blossom.   This Prince (Knight) may still tear through with romance, but he’s putting the transformative aspect right out front.

So, what kind of emotional mindset do you need to get on the horse – or eagle – with any of these Knights, even for a short ride? Can you visit the elite artistic heights with the Baroque Bohemian Cat? Are you seduced by the gentle healing promise of Williams’ Renaissance Knight, despite his high-spirited horse? Are you brave enough to join Crowley’s Knight for a transformative flight?

What about the transient romances in your own life? Have you been the “victim” of a Knight of Cups or two . . . or three or . . . ? Were you able to let go after the encounter to let it be healing? (Or did you, like many of us!, kick and scream in resistance to the ending?) Are you still lost in romantic fantasies of bygone desires and wishes?

Or have you been the Knight of Cups, highly creative and innovative, intimate with whomever you fancy? Commitment? Of course you’re committed: to love, to creativity, to beauty and truth. Are you guilty about your Knightly self or have you learnt transformative acceptance?

Be in touch with your desires this week and make a commitment to their source. Spontaneity and creativity are required in your ride . . . the scenery will change, after all.  Above all . . .

 Commit to the ride!


When the ride gets a little wild or confusing, a tarot session with a professional can help you find your course.  And here‘s where you can find one.

Weekly Card 6 of Pentacles Revisited

130829 Thoth 6 of Disks
Thoth Tarot
130829 RWS 6 of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Let’s go deeper with 6 of Pentacles, this time with the Thoth deck 6 of Disks.

You can see that Crowley’s image is much more purely symbolic than the tarot decks we see more often.  And he’s titled the card “Success”.   What’s it all about (Alfie)?

130829 RWS 5 of Pentacles
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Take a look at the 5 of Pentacles.  Not so much an image of success, is it?  What would it take to get from 5 of Pentacles to 6 of Pentacles?  In other words, what makes people successful?

Time and cycles are one of the implications of the astrological signs on 6 of Disks.  So are balancing various aspects of oneself or of a situation.

And then there’s the Rose Cross in the centre, symbol of the soul manifesting in the material plane.  We could call it  living true to the soul’s purpose.

So, what if you looked to your personal characteristics, the strengths and weaknesses you possess to draw from and guide you?  And what if you combined those with your deepest dream for the world?  If you were persistent over time, and rode out the changing cycles of fortune, constantly applying yourself to your dream, what might happen?

6 of Disks says that, if you recognize what you’ve been given and use it wisely, in the service of others, you’ll make something of your condition.  True success.

Now, what would you make of the situation if you saw 6 of Pentacles next to 9 of Cups?  How about 6 of Pentacles next to 0 The Fool?  Or the 4 of Swords?  Or all three?

And, finally, how do you relate all this to what you learned earlier about 6 of Pentacles?

Accept your deepest self and give it expression this week!

Weekly Card 0 Fool

130808 Thoth Fool
Thoth Tarot


130808 RWS Fool
Rider Waite Smith tarot

Ever hear that greeting “hey, whattaya know?!”    Well, the correct answer when you meet 0 Fool is “absolutely nothing!”

We’re in the land of the Majors (remember, that’s impact deep in the psyche, with lots that’s out of our control), so it’s all about our attitude and learning.   And 0 Fool learning is as playful as we can manage.  Jump into the game with both feet and forget all that you’ve learnt about rules.

We’ve all got our biases and judgments from our years — or decades — of experience.  We all are sure there are times and places in life when we know how things work.  A leads to B and next comes C . . .

0 Fool will take you to a world that will show you that all those biases and judgments have their limitations.  A is as likely to get you to E or Z as B.  And as for B following C . . .  well, can U C D B?  Enjoy the buzz!

If you’re all about creativity and play, 0 Fool will be a welcome opportunity for expanding your consciousness.  You’ll happily find yourself in the midst of experiences in which your most unlikely characteristics will be what save the day.  You’ll get to surrender to the fascinations of your heart and take a quantum leap in your life.

If you’re more about organization and practicality, 0 Fool may be more of a challenge.  See if you can get used to hearing the calling of your heart.  Ask yourself where your fears are and then see what you’d need to follow your heart, even through the fears.  Does it help to know that 0 Fool will up your integrity?

How would 0 Fool impact 8 of Swords?  How would XIX Sun get on with 0 Fool?  What about those 2 of Swords decision times; how would 0 Fool shake those up?

 You’ve been set free this week.  You’re liberated from the restriction of established rules.

Enjoy the new world of discovery!

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We’ve had a look at another face of 0 The Fool.

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