Tarot of the New Vision

Weekly Card The Inspiring 4 of Cups

150618 4 of Cups New Vision
Tarot of the New Vision

We’re back at the 4 of Cups. Take a look at the earlier post to refresh your memory or deepen your understanding.

And then put yourself inside the New Vision image.

Imagine that you’re sitting comfortably against a tree, looking out over a fairly barren landscape. You’ve got 3 emotional cups before you.   How do you respond so far?

That empty landscape allows our imagination and creativity to take over.

Is that where Pegasus is coming from?

And what would you do if you saw Pegasus coming at you? Would you still be sitting under the tree? Would you run toward or away from it?

Once you’d had whatever interaction with Pegasus you needed, would you go back to your tree?  Or would you choose to move on?

And would you take the 4th cup that’s being offered by the divine hand?

This week, consider where you look for inspiration. There’s always plenty out there. How receptive are you?  And where in your life will you apply it?

The Tarot of the New Vision is an interesting deck, isn’t it?, giving us a behind the scenes look at the images of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. There’s a further behind the scenes look in an exciting new book by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, Secrets of the Waite Smith Tarot.

XIX The Sun Yet Again

141113 XIX Sun New Vision
Tarot of the New Vision


In the little more than year and an half of Weekly Card posts, XIX The Sun has come up four times. And, spoilers, we’re not done with it this month.

And that’s what the Sun does. It has to be seen. Again and again. It comes up every day. It doesn’t wait to be seen.

Rider-Waite deck  XIX The Sun
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

And as the Tarot of the New Vision shows us, it looks the same from both sides. Tarot of the New Vision is designed to get behind the Rider Waite Smith deck to let us see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Not much difference in XIX The Sun. The Sun itself looks the same. The child is headed away from sunflowers into more sunflowers. We get the back view of the horse and the child, but we still have a naked child with nothing to hide, carried on the purified animal nature of the white horse. The big staff bearing the orange banner still looks like a giant wand (and look at your Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think handout to remind yourself what wands stand for). The gold crown and golden hair still indicate the regal mission fulfilled: living in service to the Divine mission. The feather of airy intellect is a grounded red.

The big change is in the absence of the wall.  Limitations are behind us.

And it’s that way in the self-actualized person, isn’t it?  We leave our past limitations behind.  No more wobbling between ego stances. Now there’s a solid sense of the self that’s lived out in daily life.

Celebrate the victory of your true self, day after day!



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