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XIX The Sun Sets a Holiday Table

141127 XIX The Sun Leaves
Tarot Leaves

Since XIX The Sun insists on dominating this month, let’s let it host a Thanksgiving feast.

As you remember from Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think – as well as the recent XIX The Sun posts – the Sun is self-actualisation. Those three dots under the sun on the maple leaf of Tarot Leaves bring to mind body, mind and spirit fully engaged in living and growing.

Who else shall we bring to bask in the life-giving energies of the self-actualised Sun? How about the varied lot that we’ve met over the past couple of months.

How would XIX The Sun interact with the welcoming XXI The World? And how are the Father of Water (King of Cups) and XIX The Sun getting on at their corner of the table? How about the anxious 9 of Swords and the wise IX The Hermit? What do XIX The Sun and XXI The World have to offer 9 of Swords?

XIX The Sun seated the Ace of Cups on the other side of the Father of Water. How are the beginning and end of that suit getting on together? The volatile Knight of Wands is next to XII The Hanged Man. Who’s likely to be most influential in that pair?

Imagine as many combinations as you can at the Thanksgiving table. How do the cards help each other? Where do they clash? The discoveries you make will help you when reading multiple card spreads.

Enjoy the full spectrum of energies available to you through the tarot this week!

I’m grateful to all the students and blog readers for your part in my professional life this year. May you have much to be grateful for in the coming year.

Weekly Card 9 of Cups

130815 Tarot Leaves 9 of Cups
Tarot Leaves

130815 RWS 9 of Cups
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Did you ever want a fairy godmother to tap you with her wand and fulfill all your wishes?   Well, here she is!

What?  That big guy with all the cups around him doesn’t look like a fairy godmother?

Books . . . covers . . . judging . . .   You know what I’m saying?

9 of Cups corresponds to happiness that you’ve earned, the chance to enjoy your accomplishments.  There’s enough heartfelt joy to share with others.  More than that, you can’t help but share it with others.  It’s too raucous to keep to yourself.

So what if circumstances this week don’t look like what you expected happiness to look like?

Start by reminding yourself that happiness is a choice.  Then ask, what will make you happy?  How can you experience the pleasure in every situation and every person in your life this week?  Yes, even Mr. Crabby Pants or when you’re pulling the gazillionth weed from the garden.

Then get to the bigger questions that will allow all that happiness to expand, without blowing the cork off its bottle:  How can I share the joy with others?  How can we all celebrate together?

A tiny note of caution here: avoid over-indulgence or a smug sense of self-righteous entitlement.  Otherwise . . . .

Let the laughter overflow!

Weekly Card 2 of Swords

130725 Tarot-Leaves-2ofswords
Tarot Leaves
Rider Waite Smith Tarot
Rider Waite Smith Tarot


Decisions, decisions!

Have you ever noticed that, when you’ve got a difficult choice to make, you get stuck in analyzing the either-ors of the situation?

2 of Swords lets us know that we’re going to get nowhere by staying in our mind.  In fact, we got into being stuck by over-using our mind.  We’ve been hoping to protect ourselves from the outcome we don’t want by endlessly debating the pros and cons.  Maybe we haven’t gone so far as to play ostrich (what a lovely view that affords others!), but we might want to feel how close we’ve come.

And it’s costing us more than the ability to move forward.  We’re isolating ourselves from real connection, so we’re alone in our indecision.  We’ve cut ourselves off from our emotions, which means we’re cut off from our very human self and from the people around us.

Hmmmm . . . . all this, just from making a 2 column list?

In 2 of Swords, yes.

2 of Swords offers us a different sort of solution to our dilemma.  We’ve got that ocean of intuition behind us that we’re called to draw from.  We can feel the balance of good and evil (towards our most authentic self and away from the same).  We can also feel the balance of dark and light.  We’ve been holding those swords in the same place long enough.  It’s time to get all martial arts master with them and look into our own dark side to resolve the inner conflict.  Go into the unknown, Luke!

We might find that there are many more than the apparent two options in there.  Aside from the expanded possibilities that include both (it’s all one coin, after all), there are the many possibilities that fall into “neither”.

So, 2 of Swords calls us into true spiritual balance, rather than the temporary (and false!) peace of isolation.  It calls us to make an intuitive choice.

Where will you feel the expanded choices in your life this week?
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