XIX The Sun Yet Again

141113 XIX Sun New Vision
Tarot of the New Vision


In the little more than year and an half of Weekly Card posts, XIX The Sun has come up four times. And, spoilers, we’re not done with it this month.

And that’s what the Sun does. It has to be seen. Again and again. It comes up every day. It doesn’t wait to be seen.

Rider-Waite deck  XIX The Sun
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

And as the Tarot of the New Vision shows us, it looks the same from both sides. Tarot of the New Vision is designed to get behind the Rider Waite Smith deck to let us see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Not much difference in XIX The Sun. The Sun itself looks the same. The child is headed away from sunflowers into more sunflowers. We get the back view of the horse and the child, but we still have a naked child with nothing to hide, carried on the purified animal nature of the white horse. The big staff bearing the orange banner still looks like a giant wand (and look at your Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think handout to remind yourself what wands stand for). The gold crown and golden hair still indicate the regal mission fulfilled: living in service to the Divine mission. The feather of airy intellect is a grounded red.

The big change is in the absence of the wall.  Limitations are behind us.

And it’s that way in the self-actualized person, isn’t it?  We leave our past limitations behind.  No more wobbling between ego stances. Now there’s a solid sense of the self that’s lived out in daily life.

Celebrate the victory of your true self, day after day!



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Weekly Card XIX The Sun ReConsidered

The Enchanted Tarot XIX The Sun
The Enchanted Tarot

Lets go back to basics to welcome back XIX The Sun, even though we’ve looked at it before.

Those of you who’ve learned through Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think can see that XIX The Sun has a keyword of “self-actualisation”.

Who are you, actually? There’s who your friends think you are, who your kids think you are, who your boss thinks you are . . . . And who do you think you are? (Only get rid of the accusatory tone that usually goes with that question.)

You also know that the Majors are indicators of circumstances that will make deep changes in you, if you let them.

Does that make you fearful that big horrible things will happen that show you up to be exactly the person you didn’t want to be?

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Look at the lovely image from The Enchanted Tarot. What do you see there that’s big and horrible and repulsive?

Mostly we’ve got that big happy smiling sun face. What does that say to you?

And the sun’s rays are shining down on two birds. What does it look like they’re doing? How are they getting along with each other? And with all those flowers around them, does it look like they’ve got enough to eat, and enough to sing about?

So we can dispense with that fear of seeing ourselves as we don’t want to be seen, can’t we?

What if people saw you for the good things you are? And that means you, too: what if you saw yourself in a positive light? Like the smiling sunlight?

If you’re an element of XIX The Sun, which element are you? Which part of the image do you relate to most?

With all the information you’ve gathered from your knowledge of keynote and the Majors, along with your examination of the image on the card, what do you guess is coming up in the week ahead?

Enjoy your XIX The Sun-filled week!


If you’re having trouble bringing your true self to light, you know where to reach me for help.

Weekly Card XIX The Sun Revisited

130704 Herbal XIX Sun
The Herbal Tarot

Since the XIX Sun is happy to shine on us again, let’s look at some of the qualities that the Herbal Tarot highlights.

 Notice those hands extending in all directions from the big yellow Sun?  The Sun is endlessly generous in all directions; it gives of itself without questioning who the beneficiary is.

You’re doing that all the time, too, whether you’re conscious of it or not.  All of us radiate some energy or other all the time; it’s just part of science and nature.   When XIX Sun shows up, chances are you’ve removed some of the layers of imposed programming and what you’re “shining on” is more authentically you than in the past.  After you give yourself a moment of joyous celebration, you can start asking some questions.  How do you act (what do you radiate) when you’re not being reactive?  No matter who is in front of your or what reception you’re getting?  Are there directions (areas) of your life that aren’t illuminated?

See that one of the radiating hands is holding an ankh, the symbol of timelessness and eternal life, of regeneration.   In the tarot deck, as in life, XIX Sun follows XVIII Moon.  Day is born from night.  Every morning offers new life, new blessings, a chance to see the world anew.  Rachel Pollack describes the journey from XVIII Moon to XIX Sun as “the light of the unconscious brought into daily life”.

The Herbal Tarot uses the concept of correspondence to connect specific herbs with each card in the tarot deck.  Angelica, the herb assigned to XIX Sun offers you connection to the spiritual via the angelic realm.  Anyone else imagining an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other?  We can listen to our angels while acknowledging our demons.  It’s part of being who we really, truly are.  If there’s any “stuck-ness” in your system, Angelica’s ability to release congestion or stiffness will help.  Angelica is strengthening and invigorating, feelings you might have felt when the days lengthen and we get more of the sun.

A formula I have written in my (veryvery old) notes on XIX Sun is “energy + meaning + purpose = joy at the beauty of life”.  Now that’s math I can get behind!  If only I’d made a note of the mathematician responsible for the formula.  As with many things in your life this week, XIX Sun will likely bring it to light.

En-Joy your own celebrations of the beauty of life in the (XIX) Sun!

Weekly card XIX The Sun

The Enchanted Tarot XIX The Sun
The Enchanted Tarot
Rider-Waite deck  XIX The Sun
Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot


How fitting that our weekly look at a tarot card begins with XIX The Sun, since the sun has passed the halfway mark and moved into the majority of the day up in the northern hemisphere.  In the southern hemisphere, you can take the symbolism for the Sun internally, into your conversations between you and yourself, as the sun crosses the border into the less-than world.

As a Major card, the Sun indicates an impact deep in the psyche, bringing lasting effects to fundamental values and beliefs.   It brings circumstances that are largely out of your control in the realm of regeneration and self-actualisation.   Even though events may be out of your control, your responsive attitude is completely yours.  Think literally:  sunny disposition, shining on all unconditionally, making choices with respect to your natural cycles.

The symbolism in the Rider-Waite-Smith Sun, amoung others, refers to the 21 Majors (excepting the Fool), to the 4 elements and to the 3 kingdoms, along with the development of human consciousness.  The young child brings truth — remember the Emperor with no clothes? — and a comfort with the natural self.  There is victory and public acclaim for lessons learned out of experience.  The true self is uncovered, so to speak, after being buried beneath imposed expectations.

When XIX The Sun turns up, expect events that expand your horizons and your visibility, and that allow you to feel more truly yourself.  Actions that fit the Sun include stepping out boldly into the public realm with optimism and generosity.  The Sun allows you to see yourself more clearly and to celebrate what you see.

Questions to ask yourself when the Sun appears . . . .  How do you present yourself to others?  To yourself?  Do you allow yourself to be seen? . . . . for who you truly are?  How generous are you with others?  With yourself?

One of the practices in the tarot tradition is to “protect” the energies of the resting deck by placing XIX The Sun and XXI The World on either end of the deck.  That gives you an idea of the power and positivism of XIX The Sun.

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