Shadowscapes Tarot

Weekly Card Two of Wands

150716 2 of Wands Shadowscapes
Shadowscapes Tarot

Another first!   Finally, a look at the inspiring 2 of Wands.

At the Ace, we get an inkling of a calling. Now that the 2 shows up, we’re getting a sense of where in the world we’re going to express that inkling.

Our inner enthusiasm, our inner drive, is seeking its outer counterpart.

150716 2 of Wands RWS
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Notice, in the Shadowscapes image, that our persona, accompanied by a whole tribe of fanciful fur family – the instinctual selves – is very removed from the rest of the world. In the Rider Waite Smith image, it’s the same situation: looking out at the world, holding fast to our Wand – our growing sense of purpose – considering possibilities from a distance.

So, where in your life are you feeling the call to express an inner ambition? Shadowscapes says we don’t have to be realistic at this point – let all of your inner voices have a say.

Now’s the time to look around to see where the possibilities are. Get a sense of how you and the outer world match – or don’t. If there’s tweaking to be done for a good match, do some brainstorming and planning.

Settle in with the match and the meaning that bring you the most enthusiasm. You don’t need to roll with anything yet; just get used to the possibilities.

And keep your big picture eye out for opportunities!

Weekly Card 9 of Pentacles

130620 Shadowscapes 9P
Shadowscapes Tarot
130620 RWS 9P
Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Oh, you’ve earned a beautiful life when 9 of Pentacles shows up!  You’ve followed your vision with discipline to create wealth and security for yourself.  You’re reaping the rewards of your own true work.

You’ve seen people who are wealthy and materially secure but very unhappy and unfulfilled.  That’s not 9 of Pentacles.

9 of Pentacles are those people who recognize that they’re surrounded by bounty and luxury and know enough to enjoy the wealth.  They’ve developed discrimination and know what really matters in life.

And maybe “they” is “you” this week!

Out of balance, 9 of Pentacles is the lap dog mentality: thinking you deserve to be waited on hand and foot.  In balance, it allows your spirit to soar.

Take a look back to the 10 of Pentacles post .  Can you see how the 9 and 10 of Pentacles are connected?

Janine Worthington is developing a deck that looks at the steps that get us from one card to another.    If she called you, asking what step or steps you’d take to get from being 9 of Pentacles to being 10 of Pentacles, what’s the story you’d tell her?

Laura has her own 9 of Pentacles story to tell, which has led to the special 10 of Pentacles community that is On the Wings of Dreams.

With all that inspiration, how can you help but find your discipline  and follow your own dream!


If your discipline and dreams seem out of reach,  you know where to find me.  You can also get in touch for individual and group lessons.

We’ve had another look at how to grow the 9 of Pentacles here.


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