A lot of us are very aware of the difference between our insides and our outsides when dealing with community. 

A lot of us have unwittingly let others write our priority list for us. 

A lot of us have defined our “sacred” from other times and places in our lives, with different demands on our time and energy.

One of the beauties of the reflective time of year – when you can grab those moments or, better yet, create them! – is that we can update ourselves.

Where are we able to shrug off the demands of other people or other versions of ourselves?  When we’re able to make choices based on who we are at this time and place, we can reconcile some of those interior/exterior differences.  And when we’re able to live the coherence of integrity, we can eventually be much more comfortable in our own skin out in the world.

The transition of the calendar is a magical time to let ourselves transition from our worn-out identities to our fresh, alive selves.  Yes, there may be rough edges and moments where we don’t really know how to interact with folks who are used to their definition of us.  But there are also opportunities to expand into new ways of relating or new communities over the holidays. 

As you grow more comfortable with your sense of who you are now – your integrity – where do you want to be?  Who do you want to be with?  Is your community expanding and growing at the end of this year?  Or is it contracting and deepening?  As you look over the horizon to 2023, how do you best relate to your group, gathering each other into the hugs of responsibility, accepting each other and your differing values and priorities?  How do you include as much of yourself as possible here and now, while allowing others to do the same?

May you find your answers with peace and joy throughout the holiday season.

Revisit the Sacred

Revisit the Sacred

After observing yourself for almost a year, what have you noticed that you consistently prioritize?  (Haven’t been observant?  That’s okay; look back over 2022 for a few minutes and draw conclusions from your memories.)

Those priorities are what’s sacred to you.

Is that a big Scooby Doo/Astro Ruh Roh because it doesn’t match up with what you believe about yourself?

Are there lots of opportunities to act on your sacred beliefs, or does it seem like all the forces of the Universe are aligned against you?

Are there leadership or individual opportunities you can make or take to be more of who you believe you are?

Can you accept the beauty of who you are as you appear in your behaviour?

How is Jack so wise in setting priorities at age 7?!
(I’m suspecting wise teachers)

This can be a sobering point where we realize we haven’t made the progress we wanted.  Or worse, we discover we’re not really who we thought we were.  You’ve done the reassessing; now you’re in a position to begin again, this time with conscious awareness.

It’s a powerful point that you don’t want to underestimate.  You can reach deeper levels and clear ground for more life with integrity.

ps You still don’t have my permission to beat yourself up for anything

Embody the Sacred


We’re at the end of our journey with the sacred this year. Next year we jump into concerns in the outer world, where it can be easy to lose sight of the sacred. But next year requires a deep connection between our inner world and the outer world. In other words, we’ll be required to live the sacred in our “real” lives. Just what we’ve been exploring this year but amped up a bunch (highly technical measurement).

So what do you hold sacred? Is it time with your children or friends or spouse? It is a monthly massage or therapy session? Is it being on time? Or well-dressed? Or in a good mood in public?

Put that way, isn’t it just another way of saying, what must never change?

Is it really the monthly massage or being well-dressed that you hold sacred? Or is it some value or belief behind those things that you hold sacred?

And how have the things or values you hold sacred changed through your exploration this year? (Here we are, asking about changing that which must never change!)

This is the month that allows us to test out our new way of life. And we’re testing communally to see how what we keep sacred fits into the world around us.

Reach into your community. See how your sacred self can be of service. As often happened this year (and will continue to happen), if you make a few cooperative connections, the Universe will ramp things up and find you more.

Keep what’s sacred active!

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Sacred Integration

141102 Rumi

We’re almost to the end of our year of exploring the Sacred.   November gives us the chance to integrate, to complete that exploration.

We’ve been using our skills of analysis in our year-long discovery. How can you complete your analysis of the sacred this month?

The numbers of November are related to those of February, when we were expanding the sacred. This late in the year, the sense of expansion is very different.

Now, we’re emphasizing the wrap-up of our process. The expansion has to do with our interconnectedness. We can look to our exploration of the social sacred in August.

Rather than seeing our differences and finding ways to blend our different communities, the call this month is to see how each of us embodies all of the sacred, every last bit of it. We’re finding the level where our differences are illusory.

Be curious this month, especially about your connection to others. The more you explore individual connections with an eye to the universal, the more the Universe will provide you new opportunities to connect and explore.

Expand your awareness of your personal sacred to encompass the entire Sacred Ocean!



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This Business of the Sacred

1410 numbers


We took a look at what happens when an 8 month meets a 7 year in January. All that information is going to revisit you at a deeper level this month. You’ve been through almost a whole year of discovering the sacred from varied perspectives.   You’ve spiraled deeper into your Self.

And you’re going to need all that this month. 8 demands accountability in the material world.

Often, people dealing with 8 look like all they care about is money or status or material wealth. Yes, that can be an unhealthy illustration of the 8 energy. But the healthy reason that people with 8 influences care about the material world is that they have a deeper understanding that our lives reflect our souls. As within, so without. As above, so below. The loop above reflected in the loop below.

So, look at the elements of your life in light of the truth you’ve discovered about yourself and what you hold sacred. Does your business reflect who you are and what you hold sacred? Does your house? Your financial investments? Your possessions?

Do you attempt to make changes from the outside in? Can you accept a process that begins from the inside? Do you already recognize successful areas of your life that reflect your sacred truth?

Let your life reflect your connection to the sacred. If you don’t love what you see, leave the mirror alone. Instead, examine the truth inside you.

Develop intimacy with your sacred self and let it bloom in your life.



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Here‘s where to find all the Numerology posts for 2014.


Understanding the Sacred

140902 Understanding the Sacred

This month is our chance to really dive deep. Sacred immersion.

It’s sacred immersion with consciousness. Reveling in every detail of the experience. Getting totally geeky about it.

We’ve all got areas where we geek out. Did you totally get into that boy in high school, wanting to know every little thing about him? Are you a Dungeons and Dragons fan? Can you quote Star Trek or Doctor Who episodes? Music? Wine? The latest theory in quantum mechanics?

Now is the time to develop that level of interest and understanding about the sacred.

Approach that understanding from a distance. It’s most productive this month to start with an understanding of how the sacred serves the larger community. Start with your discoveries from last month. Let your inner geek go to town with analysis and questioning.

Then get personal. Look back to March. What did you discover about your sacred self? There’s the next batch of information for your geek self to chow down on.

Throughout the month, don’t be surprised if you find yourself bumping up against the demands of your life. If you’re lucky enough to arrange retreat time for yourself, make it happen. Keep cutting those around you some slack – we’re all feeling that we need to go our own way. And you can use those edgy moments to help you understand your own sacred more deeply.

Sanctify the sacred.


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Here‘s where to find all the Numerology posts for 2014.

Explore the Sacred

140709 Explore the Sacred

Most of us have heard that curiosity killed the cat.  It’s been used to keep us in line or to hide secrets.  Sometimes it actually keeps us out of trouble.

Religions, usually connected with the sacred, sometimes use a version of this to assure allegiance.  “That’s their God.”  “Our holy writings are the only ones inspired by the Divine.”  Even, “attending services at another church will get you a ticket to h-e-double-hockey-sticks.”

So, here’s the thing:  we’ve all got our dogmatic side, whether or not it has anything to do with an established religion.   Think of your view of the sacred as your personal religion.  And that religion could use a little shaking up.

Fortunately, the energy this month encourages exploration.  Been curious about rituals and rites from other religions?  Go for it.  Thinking about a friend’s world view and starting to see her point?  Integrate what resonates with you.   Have a sacred site you’ve wanted to visit?  Travel on out.

Follow your curiosity to new inner and outer landscapes and see how that shakes up your sense of the sacred.

Oh yeah, and have you heard the end of the cat story?  Satisfaction brought him back.

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Here‘s where to find all the Numerology posts for 2014.

The Sacred Form

140604 Stonehenge

What form does the sacred take?   Cathedrals?  Icons?  Arrangements of stones?  Geometrical shapes?

Your own body?

This earth we live on?

And why form at all?

We give form to our conceptions of the sacred to give them stability.  We can retreat to a cathedral, knowing it’s dedicated to the sacred (okay, real world intrusion of your choice, but you get the intention).

Or are we looking for stability ourselves?

And, yes, the forms we construct to represent the sacred will eventually give out.  But some of them will last longer than we as individuals, leaving a landmark of our connections with the Divine for another time and culture.

What is it about the sacred form that can make us feel secure?  And what that makes us aware of our limitations?

What can you do this month to build the sacred a form?  Perhaps it’s the form of a ritual.  Perhaps it’s time for an art project, audio, visual or Terpsichorean.

All of that is at the forefront this month.  Examine all the forms of your life to discover the sacred connection.

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Expressing the Sacred

140506 Sacred Expression

We all have a way of expressing ourselves.   And we express ourselves differently in different areas of our lives.

Some of us talk about our feelings; some of us cry or laugh or yell.  Some of us tell people we love them by doing things for them; some of us give the people we love a big old hug regularly.

This month, the area to examine your self-expression is, guess what, the sacred.

Are you a church-goer?   Do you have personal rituals?   Is your quiet time in nature sacred?  Do you sing in the choir?

Are there daily tasks that are sacred expressions?  Is there an area or items in your home that are sacred expressions?

Are you restrained or ecstatic in your expression?  Or somewhere in between?

Apply your creativity to the sacred this month.  Discover new ways to express yourself about sanctity.  Or re-discover old ways and put them to use.

Whatever your style, get out there and be a big glowing ball of sacred self-expression this month.


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Here‘s where to find all the Numerology posts for 2014.

Weekly Card V Heirophant

140403 Tarot of the Cat People V High Priest
Tarot of the Cat People

When we meet V The High Priest we’ve encountered our own search for meaning in our lives.  Another name for V The High Priest is V The Hierophant.  That’s a title from the Greek mystery schools (and probably earlier) that means “He who causes to be seen” or “He who shows the sacred”.   Very apropos of our communal opportunity this year.

140403 RWS V Heirophant
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

V The High Priest guards tradition. As II The High Priestess guards the mysteries of spirituality, V The High Priest is the keeper of the outer traditions.  He shows us, as a community, how to find meaning in our daily experience through established structures, practices and disciplines.

You can think institution and education when you see V The High Priest.  If you’re taking a yoga class, you’re being educated in a tradition.  If you’re married, you’re part of an institution.  If your first thought was “church”, you were right.  And that is definitely where V The High Priest began in tarot.  You can see, though, that he stands for much more than a religious leader.  In fact, he can stand for the tradition that is tarot!

Associate knowledge that’s come through thought with V The High Priest.  This is wisdom that’s come from processing practical experiences.  Also associate mercy and compassion with him.  V The High Priest is compassion and understanding in power.  He dispenses mercy from wisdom.  He teaches.  And he blesses (benediction, “what’s the good word?”).

Importantly, all while defending the status quo.  This is not about individual revelation.  This is about passing on the divine word through the tried and true traditions.

Take a look at your relationship with traditions and institutions this week.  Are you a free spirit who feels uncomfortable as a part of an established group?  Are you an individual who values the group structures that give your life meaning?  Are you, like most of us, a little bit of both?

What are the disciplines and practices that help you to find meaning in your life? Celebrate the opportunity to deepen them this week!

If you’re looking for personal help with your tarot learning or for phone, email, or in-person tarot counseling, here‘s where to find me.

We’ve taken another look at V The Heirophant here.

And yet another.

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