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Weekly Card Queen of Swords

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Cats Eye Tarot
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We’re back in Court!

Take a look at the Knight of Pentacles post for reminders of the general “rules” that will make your stay in the Court much easier.

Queens are the Water element of the Courts.  Think of all the descriptives for water: flowing, constant, nourishing, able to move around obstacles, able to wear away the densest of stones, given enough time.  Water in the tarot world is also associated with relationships, emotions, and creativity.  So Queens may ebb and flow like the tides, but they are constant and reliable.  They know who they are and have the maturity to use their gifts.

Swords, remember, are associated with Air, with communication, education, ideas, wit, the mental world.  So our Queen of Swords is going to be one smart cookie, talkative, quick witted, able to run the show and get things done with her mind.  Others around her will look to the Queen of Swords for wisdom, clarity and decisive direction.  Because she’s a Queen, concerned with Water as well as Air, she’ll use her ability to assess and analyze any situation to nurture others.  She knows how to think outside the box to serve those in her “kingdom”.

So, who in your life is that ambitious, brilliant mind that nurtures those around her?  Traditionally, Queens are mature women, but they really stand for the feminine principle, rather than for the female.  If an articulate young man with exceptional maturity and abilities to care for others came to your mind, don’t dismiss him!  He could very well be the best example of Queen of Swords energy in your life.

If the Queen of Swords is the only Court card in your spread, you may be looking at a situation which will be revolving around a person who meets her description.  Or, she may indicate an aspect of yourself that will be important in your circumstances.

Or, remember, she can also stand for the general energies of a situation.  So, if you’ve asked about a romantic relationship, there may very well be an emotional connection (Queens being all Watery), but there will be an important element of mental connections and a good chance that those in the relationship will be vying for control (those Airy Swords with the Queen’s mission to rule).

It can be fun to invite some Court cards in for tea or supper.  Since you’ve met the Knight of Pentacles and the Queen of Swords, why not have a casual get together and see what it’s like to interact with the Airy Knight of Earthy Pentacles and the Watery Queen of Airy Swords together.  See what kind of clever changes a chat with them will instigate in your life.   Between the Knight’s persistence and the Queen’s abilities to overcome obstacles, you can let your best ideas come forth.

Just keep an eye on that Queen if she shows up as a clever and chatty Siamese, especially around your best china.

Enjoy the mind-blowing possibilities this week!


Weekly Card 9 of Pentacles

130620 Shadowscapes 9P
Shadowscapes Tarot
130620 RWS 9P
Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Oh, you’ve earned a beautiful life when 9 of Pentacles shows up!  You’ve followed your vision with discipline to create wealth and security for yourself.  You’re reaping the rewards of your own true work.

You’ve seen people who are wealthy and materially secure but very unhappy and unfulfilled.  That’s not 9 of Pentacles.

9 of Pentacles are those people who recognize that they’re surrounded by bounty and luxury and know enough to enjoy the wealth.  They’ve developed discrimination and know what really matters in life.

And maybe “they” is “you” this week!

Out of balance, 9 of Pentacles is the lap dog mentality: thinking you deserve to be waited on hand and foot.  In balance, it allows your spirit to soar.

Take a look back to the 10 of Pentacles post .  Can you see how the 9 and 10 of Pentacles are connected?

Janine Worthington is developing a deck that looks at the steps that get us from one card to another.    If she called you, asking what step or steps you’d take to get from being 9 of Pentacles to being 10 of Pentacles, what’s the story you’d tell her?

Laura has her own 9 of Pentacles story to tell, which has led to the special 10 of Pentacles community that is On the Wings of Dreams.

With all that inspiration, how can you help but find your discipline  and follow your own dream!


If your discipline and dreams seem out of reach,  you know where to find me.  You can also get in touch for individual and group lessons.

We’ve had another look at how to grow the 9 of Pentacles here.


Weekly Card Knight of Pentacles

Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Tarot
Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot
Rider Waite Smith Tarot
Rider Waite Smith Tarot



Welcome to the Court!

Court cards can seem as confusing as any attempt to manage yourself in a real court.  But once you know the rules, it’s really very easy.  And there’s much less chance you’ll hear “off with his head!”.

Court cards can refer to actual people in your life.  Once we get into the description for Knight of Pentacles, you’ll be able to relate his character to people you’ve met.  Court cards can also indicate aspects of yourself that will be important in a given situation.  Or they can indicate the energy with which circumstances will proceed.

Let’s look at the Knight of Pentacles — since he’s so kindly standing still for us — and then we’ll look at examples of each of the 3 applications.

Knights are the Air of the Court.  Air has lots of movement and operates in the mental field.  Pentacles, remember, are Earth, the material world.  So, if we bring Air into Earth — we get movement and ideas around practical matters.   But Earth is more dense than Air, so it will take persistent effort for Air to move Earth.

Not to worry, the Knight of Pentacles has that persistence and doesn’t mind working hard.  By the time he’s done, you’ll think a bulldozer’s been in.  And, being the embodiment of Air’s mental correspondence, the Knight of Pentacles knows how to plan and organize.  He’ll plan your garden, prepare the soil, plant everything, maintain it along the way, harvest it and make a profit from the produce.  Since Knights are in service to a calling (remember, they work for the King and Queen), they’ll just keep at their task till it’s done, for the betterment of the kingdom.

So who are we looking for when we look for an actual Knight of Pentacles in our life?   Look for that really practical person who keeps his nose to the grindstone.  He’s business savvy and can be counted on to invest wisely.  He may not move very quickly or dramatically, but he’ll keep it real and make sure the project gets done and everyone stays down to earth about it.  Traditionally, Knights are young adults of either gender, but my experience over thousands of readings says that it’s really the energetic commitment, rather than the actual age, that shows up.  Keep track of your own experiences with Knights to see how they appear in your world.

If we’re looking to the aspect of ourselves that is most useful (or, in some positions, a hindrance), we’re looking to tap into our practical side.  We’ll want to plan well, pay attention to details, and be prepared to work steadily in the mundane world to get things done.  We’ll have a change we can point to in the world around us when our inner Knight gets involved.

And if we’re considering the general energy around a situation, expect things to proceed slowly, step by step.  If you like intuitive leaps, progress will be maddening slow and infuriatingly logical.  If you’re reassured by well-planned situations that can be explained and improved gradually, you’ll be delighted to see Knight of Pentacles.  Again, we’ll be involved with the practical, the wise investment financially or naturally or health-ally.

There are some systems in Tarot that look to the Court cards to supply answers to timing questions.  The timing for Knight of Pentacles is Taurus in western astrology: 21st April to 21st May.  I have no experience to back up that tradition, so I’ll leave you to document your own experiences.

And keep on keeping on this week:  your practical investment is sure to pay off!

Weekly Card 6 of Pentacles

Robin Wood Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot

Sure are a lot of 6s here, aren’t there (look at the date!)?  In numerology, 6 is all about service to the community.

And in 6 of Pentacles, that service is very material.  This is the card that allows you to expand your community by offering something of value.

But this isn’t just about giving money away.  Notice those grapes all over the cloak of the benefactor in the Robin Wood deck?   His cloak indicates fertility and growth as an inner resource.  He has enough to keep and enough to give away.  All those grapes would just die on the vine if he didn’t give to others.  Nobody starves in 6 of Pentacles; everyone is improved by sharing.  The scales are kept in balance.

Rider Waite Smith Tarot
Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Notice that feather in the benefactor’s cap.  He’s a thinking man (feather corresponding to air corresponding to the mental world).  And the feather is pinned to his cap with a heart of service.  He’s noticed what his recipients need and gives from the heart.

When you meet 6 of Pentacles, questions to ask yourself include, What do I have to share and how valuable is it?  With whom can I share my resources?

Have a wonderful time this week discovering your own abundance and sharing it in your world!




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